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Firewall for Loudspeakers creates re-birth of Boenicke W11 SE+ Loudspeakers

Dear esteemed Customers,

The new Firewall for Loudspeakers is a big deal!

Some manufacturers use it as part of their secret sauce. Some are open about using it. Some recommend it to their customers as an external add-on. Some incorporate it within, mounting it next to the internal crossover.

Boenicke Audio is one such manufacturer, incorporating it as a purchasable option in their W11 SE+ loudspeaker, pictured below.

LessLoss Firewall

We learned recently of its first review in this configuration. Published on HiFi Knights, here are some excerpts relating to specific qualities discovered with the LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers installed within.

LessLoss Firewall

LessLoss Firewall

W11 SE+ loudspeakers:

"The Swiss [Sven Boenicke] labeled the latest Firewalls' impact on his loudspeakers as spooky."

"[This] left me quite smitten and caught off guard. I truly didn't see most of the W11 SE+'s latest action coming."

"That unmistakable Swiss aroma was still in the air alright, but now heavily augmented to be more complex, fragrant and substantially more enjoyable than initially expected."

"The major twist came in form of the SE+'s greatly elevated moisture, organic textural substance and background blackness. Not only did it have a far upper hand on sheer musical tissue, but it was also no less high-res and muscular in comparison to the SE version I remembered so well."

"The height of this leap was the opposite of subtle."

"Team LessLoss made it scalable, additive and free from any audible tonal makeovers, thus universally beneficial, whereas the Firewall for Loudspeakers is their latest and the most advanced such development to date."

"Picture a hauntingly black musical backdrop free from any hints of grain. All virtual sound sources finely outlined, pleasantly round, internally loaded with pigment and very much alive. Upstairs with A+ notes on decay, differentiation and weight. Even the tiniest nuances visible. Bass slams as tight, wild and sensible as your music allows, plus expanded immediacy, wider dynamic contrasts and upped clarity as cherries on top. Now remove one of these potent noise killers from your setup and its performance instantly plunges to become more matte, tense, edgy, chiseled, coarser, grainier, artificial and considerably less pleasant. Put the thing back in and music blossoms, ditch it and the sensation's gone again, poof, just like so. That's exactly what one tiny accessory capable of profound silencing acts does, and it's spooky indeed."

"Figuratively speaking, an effective silencing therapy in audio is quite comparable to a specialist restoration job on a valuable vintage collector car. Preservation, detailing, polishing and a fresh coat of paint as found on the original are allowed, any alterations aren't. Such a costly ride has to remain exactly the same, otherwise its value plummets. But squeaky clean, fresh and kept in pristine overall shape, it'll be worth much more. In today's context this type of service translates to upgrades at no sonic penalty and also labels LessLoss as the go-to workshop with lots of street cred. Sven knew just the address. If he wanted his four wheels pimped up, i.e. coloured and tonally wobbly, he'd have to avoid the Lithuanian garage and go elsewhere, but now you know why he didn't."

"Sven's [Boenicke Audio] self-explanatory take on Firewalls in his boxes, Srajan's [] recent LessLoss review and the omnipresent silent footprint recognized in today's speaker's voice by yours truly, are neither a coincidence nor a conspiracy."

"As loaded with torque and spatially mighty as it is, my recent purchase simply wasn't expected to present gentle female lips nearly touching a mic in fashion fully exposed, explicit and borderline pornographic. I didn't think its voice could be this well-moisturized, finely outlined, dense, fetching, charming, sensual and personal, but it is. If, say, two years ago I was asked about the reason of changes this severe, I'd point my finger at a costly key component, but one inconspicuous Lithuanian accessory managed to turn things quite upside down today and that's brilliant."

"Although the W11 SE+'s extra vividness might seem as something I shouldn't gush over this much, it struck me as pronounced enough to change the product's performance and the way I experienced it. If this newfound quality arrived with any strings attached as it usually does, I wouldn't be this enthusiastic. Then I'd say that I gained something but at a cost of losing something in return. Audio is a game of compromises after all. But again, that wasn't the case this time around, not at all. The clearly organically boosted W11 SE+ neither had its propulsion, energy, directness, openness, astuteness or open-throatedness truncated, nor did it become more diluted, slow, foggy, warm or withdrawn. Nothing of the sort happened. If there was any catch somewhere, I haven't found it yet."

"This discovery was as thrilling as the path which led me to it, which is why, now, I sincerely encourage all Boenicke owners to have their boxes Firewalled pronto. If integrated internally, the final tab would include two-way shipping costs to Sven's workshop plus €1'800 on top of that, whereas a bit lower coin spent directly at is the external plug-and-play route. But most importantly, all evidence collected labels this specific step in my book as exceptionally effective, irreplaceable by anything else I'm aware of, and quite frankly critical."

Available now to the general public

You can use the Firewall for Loudspeakers on any loudspeaker. You simply plug them in between your speaker cable and the input terminals of the speaker.

LessLoss Firewall

The break-in period is surprisingly quick. Already on the second day people write back in amazement. In fact, it took all of 5 days for the magazine 6moons to honor this product with its highest prize, the 6moons Award. See that review and prize here.

The Firewall for Loudspeakers is an essential tool for any speaker ever made. Get yours here.

You may be wondering why the pictures are still so crappy. It is because of the nature of this product's popularity. We had such a wave of orders, we had absolutely no resources to create product slated for the photographer's studio. Only now has the initial wave of pre-orders subsided, well into our next products' announcement period, the C-MARCEntropic Process power cable. This new product is based on everything we learned while creating the Firewall for Loudspeakers product described in above review.

What the development and solution of the new Entropic Process means.

It's really the dawn of a new era in audio, as far as we're concerned. Once your intense engagement with this art breaches the 20 year threshold, and you find yourself asking the same questions over and over again, you come to a point where you realize there must be something wrong with the questions themselves. The fixation with easily measurable parameters like resistance, capacitance and inductance, doesn't seem to correlate with far more exciting differences in sound one can achieve without even affecting those parameters. We've all seen the companies who have risen and fallen with perfect datasheets to prove their distortion is low and their approach is sound on paper.

When however you seek a deeper insight, you really are on your own because there is no scientific prior art to fall back on. There may be hearsay, conjectures of various sorts, well meaning tips from friends, but certainly no quantitative data or formulas to help us predict the outcome of future solutions. The question of wherein the answer may lie has sat for so long within me that it came as a deep and relaxing joy to find the ultimate solution in the protocols and procedures we now term Entropic Process.

LessLoss C-MARC power cable

You can purchase our first product with the insignia Entropic Process in the form of the C-MARCEntropic Process power cable, 1934 USD, available here.

Early Bird 41% discount

Since this is a Newsletter for insiders, you may inquire about our Early Bird 41% discount which will continue for about 10 more days. The response has been very good, but it is possible some might have missed the news. For those people, this is your second chance. There may be one final announcement about this and as you can tell we are purposefully keeping it a little low key. There are only 24 hours in a day, and production must be in a position to meet demand.

It takes us 18 hours to make a C-MARC™ power cable.

It takes us 30 hours to make a C-MARCEntropic Process power cable.

Behind the scenes

You can see a video of all the work put into the "regular" (it can hardly be called regular!) C-MARC™ power cable here:

LessLoss C-MARC power cable

See how it works here:

LessLoss C-MARC power cable


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