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Firewall Module reviewed in Dutch press; Echo's End DAC enclosures soon get lacquered

Dear esteemed customers,

Dutch audiophile print magazine Music Emotion publishes a review of the prior art version of the LessLoss Firewall Module. We plan to send them the current version soon.

LessLoss Firewall

"... does more than just evoke astonishment."

"...significantly more life, freedom and color and playback is simply much more balanced."

"Another nice, likable, and interesting design, and also actually an ingenious invention of LessLoss."

"Something which actually defines only the sky as the final limit."

Echo's End glitch remedied

LessLoss Echos End

We had everything set and worked out with the milling guys and they produced this first run of enclosures according to our final specification.

LessLoss Echos End

Then later we noticed that they unintentionally reverted one of the operations to an earlier version, resulting in the whole batch having one hole which was too small to fit the connector. After an hour of hand-filing to allow for insertion, we decided this will have to be re-done by machine. Only problem is calibration. By tomorrow it should be finished and we should be able to give these to the lacquering guys, who are eagerly awaiting us to begin.

Once we have a lacquered unit in hand we will immediately send you photographs.


Louis Motek |