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Firewall Modules Huge Demand and now Second Wave of return orders!

Dear esteemed customers,

With about 95% of all new generation Firewall pre-orders now shipped, it is a huge pleasure to announce that the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We have had reactions such as:

- "this is a breakthrough product!"
- "unbelievable upgrade from the older Firewall"
- "Amazing results, could not have known this is possible!"

We are not present in street shops and we rely almost totally on word-of-mouth recommendations from friend to friend. One other tool for spreading the word is the use of online commentary in the forums.

I understand that your time is precious, but we really need your review of the new generation Firewall module posted to the public. People increasingly are turning to online sources for their information and they simply do not trust re-sellers or ad campaigns anymore.

Can you please be of assistance and post your listening impressions here on our bulletin board?

I know this was not explicitly part of our pre-order arrangement, and the only thing you had to provide in return was your patience. But if you feel compelled to help us inform more people about the price/performance value of our new generation Firewall module, please do not hesitate to share!

The reviews are always more comprehended if they include a little something about your audiophile experience and also your present and past use of equipment, etc. Otherwise it is all just poetry... :)

Thank you to all who have participated in this launch! It was truly a great success.

Daily views we grew accustomed to seeing

This is the type of thing we have been seeing in our workshop for the past 2.5 weeks.

LessLoss Firewall Modules

The eagle-eyed among you will point out that some of the screws are loose. This is part of our production process as we assemble the units.

All lined up for another test batch

We completed the Firewall modules in batches of about this size. It is amazing how time-consuming something as simple as a final inspection, continuity test, high voltage test, and getting the dust off of them can take! You think you are done and you feel relaxed, and you realize your short sigh of relaxation has been going on for another three hours!

LessLoss Firewall Modules

Then comes the packing and sorting

Throughout all of this we came to really appreciate those modern warehousing systems where millions of small items are logistically stored, sorted, packed and shipped, every single day. This type of an operation is really a form of art, and today we take it for granted when we point and click on an online store, especially the big ones. However, there was a time in Amazon's history where they cheered in their small office of 8 people when the first couple of online orders came in. They even had everyone's displays wired so that the screens would go blank, balloons would show up, and a short trumpet fanfare would play!

Then later they had to abandon the fun and games because they realized they could no longer get any work done.

A picture of a batch of half-packed Firewall modules:

LessLoss Firewall Modules

Over the course of three weeks, we were forced to work in several relatively small batches like this because of a few reasons. First, there was serious place issue. Even though our facilities offer us over 1100 square feet (over 110 sq. meters) of space, we still had to manage and adjust very carefully for all the extra things happening at once. Even packing materials take up space, something we learned can be quickly solved by using their light weight to the advantage of stacking them to the ceiling. And if they fall? NO PROBLEM! It can serve as a pre-shipment test to see whether they can withstand the rest of the 8000 Km they will have to travel going from plane to train to warehouse to truck to your doorstep! (And by the way, we only had reports of two malfunctioning units, something we rectified the very next day via express!)

A picture of a MOUNTAIN OF JOY!

I cannot tell you how happy I am at the sight of this picture:

LessLoss Firewall Modules

In it, I see several things. First of all, having communicated with almost every single one of you privately through email exchanges, I see a great pool of trust and expectation. I see serious responsibility on the part of our co-workers. I see very tired moments when the fingers are in pain but the day is not yet over. I see a lot of couriers ringing a lot of doorbells, and a lot of smiles on a lot of faces. At the end of a large project like this, I also see a lot of satisfaction, and a lot of mystery. The satisfaction is with our co-workers, our production partners, our shipping guys, and with our customers.

But the mystery remains

But the mystery is with "burn-in." This device seems to live and breathe "burn-in." Time tells strange truths about it. Many theories abound regarding burn-in explanation, ranging from electrostatics, to microvibration, to gradual release of tension, to electromagnetic phenomena, to resonance, to psychology, and even to metaphysics. Nobody can measure it, but too many have reported it in too many circumstances to totally dismiss. We ourselves are not completely in control of it. But we at LessLoss have learned to accept and use it, to refine and pull the most out of it in this device. We will go forward from here, having learned from this experience, and will see what we can muster next.

Return orders after initial joyous experience

We WELCOME your return orders, but I really have to share with you the situation here. During production of the new generation Firewall module, we went through several phases of stock planning. Oyaide, our source for the high performance C-079 plug, was swamped by your orders through us. We maxed out what they had in stock, three times in a row, and were constantly on back-order. In fact, it happened again just a half a week ago! So we are again presently waiting for them to manufacture and deliver our needed parts.

LessLoss Firewall Modules

We had to call a meeting regarding your $$$.

Because of the new second wave of orders, we had to call a meeting. Many of you were asking for an extension of the pre-order arrangement to secure your second order at the same pre-order conditions as last time. But, at least on paper, our pre-order arrangement has now officially ended.

I presented the situation to our colleagues and they were strictly against ANY extension of the pre-order pricing. "They had their chance! It is time to end this altruism and get back to normal business practice!" Hey, their words, not mine! But you are in a bit of luck right now.

Because they are out, you are in...

LessLoss Firewall Modules

Because Oyaide is again currently totally out of stock of the C-079, I don't feel comfortable demanding the full price at this time. I presented my view to our colleagues and they were almost inclined to agree (but did not). Then, I told them the other news, that only I knew: "We're also out of the new Firewall modules themselves, and our second batch is not scheduled to arrive for another 4 weeks."

Well, that took care of it. Therefore, because of the delay to procure parts, you now have another 4 weeks during which we are accepting pre-orders (again!), this time at 25% price reduction. This will again "pay you" for your patience while we assemble everything for the second big run.

What happens next?

You have been the very best customers we could ever dream for. ​Please accept my personal thanks to you all for helping us make the new Firewall module the strong product that ​we always ​believed it to be.​ You have confirmed it. We want more people to know about it.

Please reciprocate and express your own feelings and experience here.

Sincerely​ and with joy,

Louis Motek  |