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Firewall Pre-ordering Offer

Hello again,

We are finally done with the Firewall product development, and have all of the numbers in front of us, and I can now officially announce the possibility for you to order this great new device at considerable rebate. This offer will last for three weeks. It will end on December the 16th, 2010.

At Normal Pricing:

New Price Firewall: 4686 USD
New Price DFPC Signature: 1149 USD
Total together: 5835 USD

At Package Pricing:

New Price Firewall: 4686 USD
Package Price DFPC Signature: 689 USD (40% off)
Total together: 5375 USD

Time-Limited PRE-ORDER Pricing:

New Price Firewall: 3280 USD (30% off)
Package Price DFPC Signature: 689 USD (40% off)
Total together: 3969 USD

As always, our pricing already includes shipping costs. Customs charges are the responsibility of the receiver, and are different from country to country.

The above offer is for one single Firewall. For multiple unit orders, in addition to the above offering, the following additional rebates on the Firewall unit shall apply:

2 units: first 8% off, then 30% off of the remainder.
3+ units: first 10% off, then 30% off of the remainder.

and for the recommended DFPC Signature cable:

2 units: first 12% off, then 40% off of the remainder.
3+ units: first 15% off, then 40% off of the remainder.

This offer ends in three weeks.

More on the new Firewall

The Firewall is the electrical equivalent of approximately 100 DFPC Signatures wired in parallel in a special configuration, extremely strongly held together under tension, then glued with extremely hard glue to a solid Panzerholz frame, which is milled out of a 15 degrees angled block. Every decision of design was tested upon its sound quality merits. There is nothing in the Firewall which does not affect its sound.

Over decades of research, we have developed more than 10 unique proprietary processes and methods, all of which are implemented in the Firewall. Each and every one of these proprietary steps is special, and cannot be replaced with others to similar effect. The strange thing about just about any audio tweak is that there is no tweak-all (cure-all) that can take the place of the others. If something sounds better because of something you do, rarely will one find a method of replacing that series of 10 great tweaks with something else which turns out to be better and wipes them all away with one blow. Therefore, the dedication with regards to the large amount of labor involved in creating a Firewall is indicative of our passion about achieving the best sound we can possibly achieve.

Once the Firewall is assembled, we run 7 days of proprietary signal processing through it. This is also an art in and of itself. We have determined that unprocessed audio products do not even begin to compare with the possibilities which lurk within a solution such as the fully in-house processed Firewall, start to finish.

A picture is provided of the hand-made module which is inside the Firewall on the LessLoss website, here:

Look at picture Nr. 8 at the bottom there.

That is at the heart of the Firewall. However, it is not to be underestimated how many other aspects also have profound influence upon the resulting sound quality. We investigated many possible materials to build the outer case out of. The choice of Panzerholz (Tankwood in English) is a decision based on extensive listening tests, but also on known aspects of its properties. It boasts some of the very best acoustical vibration dissipation characteristics out there. It is made out of natural beech plywood, compressed to a density which is higher than that of water, so it sinks in water. However, it remains natural wood. The cellulose fibers fuse themselves back into one solid piece of wood through the extreme heat and moisture and pressure. So the result is a highly engineered piece of natural(!) wood, which gives it its special properties. This material was not invented because of audio (large factories hate good sound, I have come to realize!). It was invented for other industries, mainly the mechanical and electrical transformer industries. But it finds its way even into nuclear research facilities as an atom particle shield. We polish it and it turns into a design element as well.

The module is glued tightly into the Tankwood case, such that any vibrations are immediately drained into the Tankwood, where they are quickly dissipated because of its special properties. Three legs are designed for superior drainage of the remaining vibrations which are not completely absorbed by the Tankwood.

The electrical module itself is a strange element. It is not a capacitor, nor is it an inductor. If you look at it as a model of something found in nature, it is for all practical purposes, when electricity is flowing through it, a model of a magnet, but without the use of a coil.

Everything which is good about the DFPC Signature is taken to the next higher level in the Firewall. The achievements thus far have been taken to a new level, as incorporated into the LessLoss Firewall. Most importantly, this is not a coloration of the sound. This is the very highest priority on our agenda. Leave the sound alone. Get rid of the noise. Don't harm the dynamics.

I welcome your pre-orders by email and look forward to serving you with this very fine device. Please understand that as manufacturer we have a couple of options to create our first couple of production runs. We can borrow from a bank and keep the retail prices high, or we can offer this type of pre-order arrangement and save each of you a bunch of money. For this to work, however, you must be willing to wait for the first units to be produced. I emphasize that we are not currently in stock yet, but we will make every effort to expedite the process so that your wait is as painless as possible. I imagine that it will take about 8 weeks for the units to be in your hands. I will keep you informed as to how we are proceeding.

Have a nice day!
Louis Motek
LessLoss Audio