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Firewall production queue

Dear esteemed Customers,

We are happy to inform you about our progress delivering the many pre-ordered C-MARCFirewall 64X power conditioning units.

LessLoss C-MARC

At this stage we are still actively producing these, and have arrived at approximately 85-90% pre-order fulfillment. To those who ordered towards the end of the queue during the pre-order period: THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONTINUED PATIENCE! Your patience will soon bear fruit, rest assured!

The production is incredibly time-consuming but worth every little detail. Performance is proving itself by way of recent customer feedback. Some highlights from recent feedback, now published on our bulletin board:

"A really new summit of sound quality."

"But it is very interesting that the sound is now not only better but also different. For the first time in my long life of listening to music I now feel with this setup as much pleasure when I listen to CD as I do listening to analog on vinyl."

"Improvements were immediately obvious; first was the bass – clearer and better defined. Then the vocals – same as above and therefore also more real."

"It now seemed that every aspect of the track(s), vocals and instruments, were now enjoying so much more of their own space in the soundstage."

"One song nearly had me in tears such was the emotion in the female vocalist voice and that she sounded like she was in my living room!"

"Brilliant result, yet they are nowhere near run in and there are three more to be added to the power amps!!!!"

"Congratulations to you and your team, you have done it again."

"Right after installation the difference was shocking. I expected minor changes to the better, but this was extraordinary. It sounded better focused, instruments could be located more easily, I heard much more detail, absent before, and bass response had more depth and punch than before. So again, all the frequency parameters from the low end to the highest highs improved in a way that could only possibly be had with a change of gear that would cost several times the price of the new C-MARC Firewall 64X module."

"I connected it to the Echo's End Reference DAC. I didn't expect a big change here, as the DAC received its power through the best C-MARC power cable anyway. But I was wrong again."

"The new C-MARC Firewall 64X module comes with a big improvement in overall sound quality. And the best is, that all these improvements come with no downside at all. The presentation after several upgrades over the years has improved yet again. The musicality is outstanding without any annoying artifacts at all. What I have now is a total relaxed and satisfying listening experience. The C-MARC Firewall 64X is an upgrade with the biggest bang for the buck."

"Thanks for this great product."

"I am listening to Born To Run (album) for the first ( the 1,000th) time. I am experiencing the excitement of a live concert two rooms away from the stereo in my home. I think it is important to start with that. This upgrade (from original to C-MARC FW64X) is all about emotion and musical expression. The sound is much better to be sure but the MUSIC!"

"In my system, even with the loaded power distributer and excellent cables and a dedicated power line this is FAR and away the biggest upgrade ever. If you led me into the room blindfolded and told me my speakers and amp had been changed out for components of 5 times the price I would say it's worth the money with no hesitation."

"Clarity, detail (but NOT treble edge), the most incredible soundstage and imaging I have ever heard, bass that no stand mounted monitor should be capable of- my wife says it hurts her chest cavity in the next room-but with tremendously increased tonality in the bass region."

"The expressiveness keeps coming back as the main issue. It's not just that you don't want to change to the next track- it seems like it would be rude to the performer!"

"Three week break in so don't fret. Highest recommendation. No looking back!"

"The C-MARC Firewall 64X takes the sound to a richer level, more ‘organic’ as in ‘less digital’, i.e. more pleasant, more detailed with a richer and more informative treble as well."

"I simply hear more music."

"I am happy to report again a clear upgrade of the sound of my system."

"My jaws dropped again, just like last year. Just take all the effects from last year's comments and multiply. Less sibilance, bigger and more defined soundstage ... and the bass, deeper, stronger, and better controlled."

"I suffer from pretty polluted power brought to my door. And it got a lot worse earlier this year, which made me add 2 more power filters with "conservative" electronics (not from LessLoss). Now, I tried to disconnect them, and it was great, all the mids resonances and colorations were gone. This was not possible without the daisy-chaining. The LessLoss filters now have a lot more lively and believable presentation, than with the electronic filters."

Thank you to everyone who has supported this project. It is a pure pleasure to provide you with the very best we currently are capable of, and the saga continues through further R&D efforts into the secret depths found on all recordings.


Louis Motek |