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First images of Blackbody-Ground Interface prototype!

Dear Customers,

To give you some context about this upcoming new device from LessLoss, here we provide you some images of an early prototype.

The device is meant as a technical tool, not as a show piece. There's absolutely no bling to keep costs down to an absolute minimum. In its completed form it will be similar in appearance to this, with only some slight modifications. We will share the latest images once we get to phase two of final prototyping.

LessLoss Blackbody

The Blackbody-Ground Interface early prototype, viewed from the top. Seen here are the two terminals with two eyelet type wire terminations already attached (without wires).

Size and Features

The interface is simple. It is a metallic square shaped item with rounded corners measuring only some 60mm x 60mm. In final form this will be enlarged to 64mm x 64mm.

There are two electrical terminals, both are on the top of the device. It will not matter at all whether you place the item on its side (as shown in the picture above), or on its base.

The idea is very simple. You already have a grounding wire which goes from Blackbody v.2 to Ground. This Blackbody-Ground Interface will simply be connected in series somewhere along that grounding line of yours.

The Blackbody v.2 ground line will connect to one of these two terminals, and the other terminal connects to the ground line which goes to your wall outlet's ground connect. In this way, the ground and the Blackbody v.2 now interface no longer through a direct wire connection, but through this new device.

LessLoss Blackbody

The Blackbody-Ground Interface lying flat, photo taken from the side. The two terminals are now on the top.

The height of the device will be about 40mm. With overall dimensions of 64mm x 64mm x 40mm (thereabouts), it really is small enough to be tucked in literally anywhere within a sound system. It will generally find its place in some inconspicuous location either behind a piece of equipment (if there's room on the rack), or at the side of some equipment. The device requires no special feet, no special placement, no special orientation. Just the two contacts and that's it.

The two contacts

One of the contacts will be marked Ground. That is the one that will be connected to your building ground through your wall outlet (or power distributor outlet). The other will not have any marking. That will be the one connected to the Blackbody v.2.

We intend to add a layer of soft material to the base in order that you not scratch your rack. This will be something like cork. A fine drink deserves a nice coaster, and so does this fine little device.

A new Epoch in design is approaching

These are definitely very exciting times here in terms of R&D. With the development of this new ground interface technology, a new door of design opportunities present itself! This smallish module can and most definitely will(!) be incorporated into future products in matrix fashion to bring about absolutely new horizons in audio reproduction performance!

LessLoss Blackbody

We have even tried out this technology on microphones, which are the most noise sensitive part of any audio chain (apart from cartridges for vinyl, which, to be honest, are themselves merely a special type of contact microphone). When applied to microphones you would not believe the sheer amount of new fractal depths of information that get revealed! Incredible to say the least! What's more, and this is the really fascinating part, this device actually cuts the electrical ground connection and there is no direct electrical connection left between the terminals. So in other applications, it will not be used instead of ground connections, which are used for safety regarding shocks and static discharges. Instead, those safety ground connections will remain, but there are other ways to use this technology whereby absolutely phenomenal results are achieved, all of which do not at all interfere with, nor replace, existing purely electrical ground connections.

As we continue to develop this art, we will certainly keep you informed. The first appearance of this technology will take the form of our Blackbody-Ground interface. The second: it will be an integrated part of our highly unique mono block amplifier!

Thank you for following and supporting our art.


Louis Motek |