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It's here! The new C-MARC™ Entropic Process power cable!

Dear esteemed Customers,

(For a change from the daily more difficult news stream,) we have some excellent news for you today!

Just after landing a huge slam dunk with our recently released Firewall for Loudspeakers product, having garnered its first top-tier independent reward only 5 days(!) after submission, we are now happy to announce acceptance of Early Bird, Upgrade, and Combo orders for our new technology C-MARCEntropic Process power cable!

In this Newsletter, we'll explain all the details about how you can take full advantage of this launch, saving you a lot of money:

(1) by using the super popular Early Bird option,
(2) by trading in existing LessLoss product, or
(3) by combining both for unprecedented discounts toward the groundbreaking C-MARCEntropic Process power cable!

Pictured below is the new insignia of the ultimate LessLoss achievement. When you see this signage, you know that sonics don't get any better than this!

LessLoss C-MARC Entropic Process power cable

The two people to whom this announcement is dedicated:

(1) If you have been tweaking and balancing your system for years, even decades, you will have found a true friend in LessLoss. We've been on the forefront of audio mystery, cracking one code after another, for decades now. With help from our now rather large community of customers, you have enabled us to seriously engage with the most difficult tasks involved in solving the noise problem without ever compromising tonal accuracy and dynamic naturalness. To you this offer is dedicated, with heartfelt gratitude.

(2) If you are just now discovering LessLoss, this is the perfect opportunity for you to join us. The prices you see here will never again be this low. We never do seasonal discounts. We never play the marketing season game. We do not have warehouses of investment to "move." To us, "moving product" is an ugly word. The only thing we want to move is your soul while listening to the music you love, and the musicianship you discover. Hearing in full glorious detail the great musicianship of the past is not only an exercise in marvel and wonder at that achievement, but, even more importantly, serves as inspiration of what we can yet become, and more. Below I'll explain how you can benefit from our launch even if you are new to LessLoss.

LessLoss street cred, needless to say...

We now have so many reviews, (indeed, now over 514), one could publish a whole book full of them. Whoever says the review process is corrupted these days should know that we never submit products to publications which demand a return in the form of advertising dollars. I'm not going to go all the way and call that corruption, but it certainly does not sit well with us, and it certainly doesn't serve the long-term vitality of the publication. This is just to say that today we have 514 independent reviews, all positive. Where other companies go out and spend big money on 12-page self-written "editorials" in the print magazines, we use that money (which is actually your money) for R&D in order to truly further this art. And further it we have, I'm happy to say, in a huge way!

LessLoss C-MARC Entropic Process power cable

Entropic Process. Shrouded in secrecy? Not really. Here's where it came from.

We investigated the mysterious burn-in phenomena over 20 years, following it very closely, and learning ever more about it, until we figured out a way to actually use it in design of actual product. This has been on our creative minds ever since day 1 when we first experienced it. But it remained elusive to us, until now!

This does not mean we have abolished all initial changes in sound quality. It only means we developed means and methods to accelerate it, pre-prime it, so to speak, to the point where in your first two weeks of listening you might go through, say, some 200 years of regular burn-in. The burn-in process has not been downtrodden by us, but put on steroids to serve us even better! This is the genius of the new Entropic Process.

Prerequisites in order to comprehend this.

If you have never experienced any strange burn-in effects, you will not yet know whereof I speak here. The strange burn-in effect remains, undoubtedly, the most mysterious of all aspects involved in high end audio. Appreciated, experienced, and tolerated by thousands, understood by none, it remains an uncracked code of mystery which has represented a strange bottleneck to designers until now.

Burn-in is a strange phenomenon in which newly made gear, or cables, go through a series of inexplicable initial transitional phases in terms of performance. One day the sound may be brittle and course, and another day the sound may be rubbery and elastic. One may experience phases of bass-heavy submersion as if one is under water, and then periods where one thinks the woofers have been disconnected entirely. Eventually these two extremes converge into what may be considered balanced performance, or stable performance, or mature tonal balance. This process is dependent on two things.

First, it depends on what the total system transparency is. If the system has deep flaws, such as being located in a room with ceramic tiles on all surfaces (like a bathroom), of course this will mask such effects over time. The overkill on echo will simply cover any minute changes and you won't hear them. But if the system is set up well in an acoustically well organized space, you'll easily hear them.

Secondly, it depends on how sonically neutral the fresh product actually is. If it is severely skewed in some arbitrary tonal direction, it will be more difficult to sense just what is going on in terms of this burn-in process. But if the product is a sonic giant in terms of its ability to portray just what is going on in the recording, without editorializing, one will hear huge burn-in swings initially.

It is my personal opinion that the LessLoss products portray exactly the same changes that any new wire goes though. The only difference is that C-MARC has such an abnormally low noise floor, that one can more readily perceive and experience these large burn-in swings. It goes without saying that you simply can't have it both ways: you cannot expect a totally transparent cable to reveal real data on a recording that won't simultaneously also reveal a much deeper underlying physical aspect of self burn-in as it matures and settles in performance. The performance is the ability to show ever more minute change in signal. This also must mean, at the same time, that it will show ever more minute changes in whatever actually constitutes burn-in (molecular structure or whatever it is).

And a mystery it is and remains.

But we have made a HUGE step in accelerating it.

If, before, you had experienced two weeks of the infamous "roller-coaster ride" of settling and opening up, now it will be a supersonic rocket launch with G's you had better be prepared for. But after the rattling of instruments, mind, muscle and bone, the view, once in orbit, from that rarified silent cosmos, is really worth the spent patience. I do not think the burn-in time is longer. It is just more intense.

After settling, I myself have found myself thinking:

Audibly these are of course double basses and celli, but what am I experiencing?! ...These are the deep woods of Southern Germany’s Black Forest and the Alpine hills of Northern Italy singing from the depths of rich Earth and time!

We cannot and do not admit to abolishing break-in related effects. What you won't get is absolutely unwavering performance from hour #1 on. But what you do get is a turbo-charged version of what most would consider the state-of-the-art in sound quality today. When listening to an entire system outfitted with Entropic Process power cords, then switching to C-MARC™ hand-braided 'super-cord' power cables without the new Entropic Process feature, everything becomes less round and holographic, more etched and chunky, delineated less by overarching musical motif, and more by each note by itself. Natural reverb spaces lose natural conviction and you can tell it is that much more "audio system" sound than "real acoustic space." These are just some general sonic descriptions, but on an emotional level, it is really like losing contact with the musicians. With Entropic Process power cables, everything becomes so personal and involving, the first reaction is really that this is how it must be.

As head of LessLoss I am happy as can be to announce today the availability of the new C-MARCEntropic Process power cable at conditions as outlined henceforth.

LessLoss C-MARC Entropic Process power cable

C-MARCEntropic Process power cable established pricing:

Lengths up to 2m: 1934 USD
Additional half-meter lengths: +94 USD each

Early Bird discounts

If you have already purchased any Early Bird Credits on our web shop, these can be cashed in for a credit of 168 USD each when purchasing the new C-MARCEntropic Process power cable.

To do this, write to Louis Motek on [email protected] and we'll explain how to cash these in when placing the purchase.

Further Early Bird Credits

In order to reduce back end paperwork, we have decided to halt any new Early Bird credit purchases. Instead, we will streamline this procedure in that we will grant you the same discount you would have enjoyed if you purchased any new Early Bird credits today.

In other words, this is just another way of saying that everyone receiving this Newsletter can enjoy a 41% discount off of the new Entropic Process power cable should they express their wish to do so. All you have to do is write us an email and we'll get right back to you.

Quantity discounts

In addition to the Early Bird discount offer, we'll offer you quantity discounts on any single order with a single shipping address as follows:

2 units ordered together: 5% discount
3+ units ordered together: 10% discount

These discounts are additive together with any Early Bird discounts claimed.

Trade in offers

We also honor trade-in credit for any LessLoss power cord. Yes, this includes all of the following:

  • DFPC Original
  • DFPC Signature
  • DFPC Reference
  • C-MARC™ original power cable based on the single run cotton-clad Triaxial C-MARC™ cable
  • C-MARC™ hand-braided three separate conductor "super-cord" power cable

Can I combine some or all of these offers into one huge discount?


Worried about visits to the post office?

No problem. We can for a small fee arrange local UPS pick-up of your power cables for you. You will not even have to leave your home! (The fee will probably be even smaller than your cost of shipping to us yourself by physically going to the post office, so it is a no-brainer to use this opportunity of full service through us.)

It's a no-brainer

In this way, we are making it super easy and super simple for anyone and everyone to access all benefits of upgrading to our very best technology right now. Never again will the conditions be this attractive, and the trade to run this effortlessly.

There's almost no risk

If you are skeptical but are nevertheless curious, you can still take part and enjoy a full 30 day time period during which we will guarantee the possibility for you to return the new C-MARCEntropic Process power cable to us for an 85% refund. (The 15% re-stocking fee is just to ensure we don't run in the red due to multiple shipping bills and ongoing business expenditures.)

What do I gain in terms of sound quality from this new technology?

Read any review you can find about our Firewall for Loudspeakers product. Now multiply that effect by some 10x. An order of magnitude more impact in terms of stability of noise floor, purity of tone, natural flow of musical lineage, phraseology, intent and harmonic structure. You'll never fault a recording again. You'll be awed by the possibilities of local playback as never before. Another very interesting effect: when any piece of music ends, the incredible feeling you get is that the silence is still there! There is almost no difference between ongoing music and the pitch-black silence between pieces. What this means is that the signal did not tug and pull the silent backdrop around with it while it was playing. The music simply rides on top of the silence, just as it does in real life!

How long between when I purchase, and you ship?

This is the part where your patience must endure. We can't predict as of now, because we cannot predict the growth of the job roster once this announcement has been made public. Rest assured, we will keep in close contact with you all the while, and will send periodic updates as to progression. The good news is that it is less time consuming for us to make the power cables than it is to produce the Firewall for Loudspeakers product. If our normal C-MARC™ power cable requires 18 hours of labor and procedures in order to be completed, for the Entropic Process power cables, it takes us over 30 hours, plus far more meticulous attention to detail during every single production step.

Behind the scenes

You can see a video of all the work put into the "regular" (it can hardly be called regular!) C-MARC™ power cable here:

LessLoss C-MARC Entropic Process power cable

See a video on how it actually works here:

LessLoss C-MARC Entropic Process power cable

Finally, how long do I have to act on this excellent upgrade opportunity?

We will assess the time frame as we proceed to accept new pre-orders at Early Bird conditions. An update shall be made in 14 days from now to inform you as to production schedule depending on the growth of the roster until then. In any event, we will either announce to you the final 14 day deadline at that time, or we will announce an extension of the Early Bird offer given the state of affairs at that time.

First come, first served! In all fairness, it cannot be any other way. If you don't want to wait, you have to act now, given earlier experience with similar launches.

You are the best!

We look forward to hearing from you and to this opportunity to catapult a large portion of the audiophile world into realms simply unheard of today. On behalf of everyone here at LessLoss, I thank you all personally for your shared enthusiasm. Incredible discoveries of and participation with our prized musicians and composers await! If it weren't for them, we wouldn't have audio. And if weren't for YOU, we wouldn't have great audio.

Together, let us make Entropic Process this decade's best news.

Your next step is simply to write us with your Early Bird / Upgrade / Quantity Discount request: [email protected]


Louis Motek |