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Laminar Streamer is coming together.

Hello everyone,

If whatever you are presently doing could be aided by a small rush of adrenaline, look here! The Laminar Streamer is starting to resemble its real self! Everything is smooth, flowing, calm and robust. In the Laminar Streamer you may see glimpses of a spanish guitar, an italian cello, a Fender Stratocaster from Arizona, a WWII bunker or perhaps outdated aviation equipment from some very future time.

Laminar Streamer

Below you will notice some scratches on the visible portion of the steel plate separating the two Panzerholz halves. Those will be polished, the surface prepared and chromium-plated, just like the other surfaces. To the right you can see the holes where the control buttons will be positioned. The buttons will be highest quality stainless steel from Germany with serene dark violet backlit Play control button dead center.

Laminar Streamer

This device looks completely different from every possible vantage point.

You can see the slit at the very top of the unit. That is where, for ultimate separation from everything buzzing, whirring and chirping in the fast-paced, noisy world of interconnected data coms, the SD card will be hand-placed by the user to ensure optimum laminar passage of time between digital samples. Only this type of physical separation can guarantee that the data's highly sensitive clock stream remains untouched by outside influence. Filtering doesn't cut it. In the most sensitive of meetings, all cell phones are turned off and turned in. For the most intimate of listening, the computer world must not be allowed access to the device.

Laminar Streamer

Let's say that below is a view from a remote controlled spy drone, unable to penetrate the thick carbon steel bunker, where private listening takes place in the most protected of settings. Nobody is logging your listening preferences here. This place has no IP address. This is where digital is treated as a true analog friend. Literally, only the owner holds the key. In a world where consumer tracking and profiling technologies are gradually stripping away privacy on a daily basis, where the owners of algorithms processing your life know more about your psychology and heritage than you yourself are aware of, this device represents a privacy guarantee from noise, tracking and invasive marketing like no other. In all respects, the owner of the Laminar Streamer will enjoy all the sound quality potential of digital playback technology without the invasive noise characteristic of computer audio systems which are functional but with limitations.

Laminar Streamer

A structure mysteriously not found on Google maps...

Laminar Streamer

We continue to build without compromise.

Thank you for your interest. Now you can return to whatever you should be doing.


Louis Motek |