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Laminar Streamer project (un)stuck, DFPC Reference and Kawero! press

Hello, everyone!

Laminar Streamer update

Laminar Streamer

We continue working on the Laminar Streamer but have run into unexpected issues with the delivery of what turned out to be a faulty batch of Panzerholz. The manufacturer in Munich had to schedule a special visit to inspect the faults (of course, they took several weeks to actually come). Then they had to file a report on the ascertained faults and prescribe these to their own causes of production (Germans are notorious for their bureaucracy). After acknowledgement, the manufacturer had to schedule collection (the batch weighs several tons). Then they had to manufacture a brand new batch (which of course only happens according to their master roster since this special material is so seldom used in general production), and finally delivered. All this took about four months.

After delivery, when our wood production partners finally could allocate the time to begin working this good material, their high precision CNC machine developed a defective vibration when moving in certain directions at certain angles. This made the immediate precision work we needed impossible. They investigated the fault and it turned out to be one of the 16k EUR high speed precision motors used in the machine. The original developer of their huge CNC machine had since gone out of business, so they had to find other paths to get service and parts. This saga is still going on today, although they did manage to isolate the conditions to some extent and will begin this week to slowly, carefully, avoiding further damage, see if they can mill our first unit. Working around problems is never gratifying work, but we put faith in their expertise and we hope for the best!

Until the first unit is made, we cannot know the final pricing.

DFPC Reference: 1st review published

Mono And Stereo DFPC Reference Review

Mono and Stereo has published a review of the new DFPC Reference power cable. Here's a taste:

"The upgrade from the Signature is quite remarkable."

"The LessLoss DFPC Reference power cord offers both transparency and dynamic potency impressively. We're talking here not about jumping one or two steps upwards, but a whole flight of stairs in one step."

"The actual possible illusion of certain recorded musical events being not envisioned but in fact materialised is what separates the countless shiny offerings found on the market today from the very special ones which do indeed deliver the 'magic'."

Here's the whole thing, with an accompanying new article by Louis Motek

More reviews

Stereo Times and 6moons have also received the new DFPC Reference and should be publishing their evaluations in the near future. Some early adopters have already published their findings here.

Lots of reviews, but please add yours!

It's nice to see we have now garnered 201+ reviews. Thanks for all your support. If you have not published your own impressions yet, please do so here. It is extremely helpful to others when you list your components. People can follow your ideas and arguments better when they can relate to your gear. Your willingness to share is greatly appreciated!

Kawero! Chiara loudspeaker review

A new review has been published in Hi-Fi+. Here's a taste:

"The bottom line is that this is one of the finest loudspeakers I’ve ever had the pleasure of reviewing. There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ speaker, but the Chiara ticks more boxes than any alternative I can recall, somehow managing to combine many of the best features of both large and small loudspeakers [...]."

"[...] the wide dynamic range and bandwidth plus exceptional freedom from boxiness unquestionably makes this speaker one of the great allrounders."

Here's the whole Hi-Fi+ review in a PDF file.

Kawero! Classic review due Dec. 1st!

TBAS 2013 Kawer Review

Jeffrey Fritz of The SoundStage Network has been critically evaluating the Kawero! Classic loudspeakers for quite some time now. We look forward to his review due to be published December 1st.

Writes Fritz in an article of Nov. 1st:

"There’s a difference between bling high end and the very highest sound quality. I’m here to separate the wheat from the chaff. I hope that’s what you want, too."

Yup, that's exactly what we want!


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