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Laminar Streamer update and 3 new reviews

Hi everyone,

More positive press reviews

The word is definitely spreading about the effectiveness of our DFPC Series power cables.

We have a new DFPC Reference review (Italy - on headphones) and two new DFPC Signature reviews (USA - on headphones; and UK - on an acoustical system).

Also, we take a peek into the workshop to see what's going on with the Laminar Streamer project. We've milled the first Panzerholz blocks and they look and feel impressive!

(#1) Stereo-Head says DFPC Reference sets them a new standard altogether


The DFPC Reference has been reviewed in the largest magazine and portal of info for headphone aficionados in Italy, Stereo-Head. Here are some extracts:

"The music seems to come from outside the headphones. The result is very natural and pleasant, very similar to a power conditioner while being much less cumbersome."

"The most worrying thing is that usually when power supplies are filtered, dynamics is cut, but with the LessLoss DFPC Reference, this does not happen, and the dynamics come though at their best."

"The LessLoss DFPC Reference power cables are the best we've ever tried."

The entire review (italian language) can be found here:

(#2) Audio Excursions finds no fault with the performance of DFPC Signature


"The lower octaves were tighter, more accurate, and had an extremely fast transient response. The midrange wasn't forward or laid back, but sat right in line with the rest of the frequency band, and had extreme clarity and fantastic vocality presence, but wasn't edgy in any way whatsoever."

"The DFPCs were able to image very, very well."

"I felt like instrumental separation was simply unparalleled, and imaging was spot on."

Read the whole review here:

(#3) HiFi Pig grants the DFPC Signature a "Recommended Award"


"The LessLoss DFPC Signature power cables have a sonic signature of ease and stability; they open a window to individual portions of the music yet still remain locked on to the performance as a whole. The midrange has a sense of liquidity, the upper frequencies are fleshed out and controlled, with good insight into a layered performance and there's good extension to the bass leaving me to conclude that these are indeed an extremely well accomplished cable."

"There is a wonderful sense of musicality as a whole and a great sense of connection to the music."

"The cables look and feel great, are very well made, and you do feel that pride of ownership when you have one in your hand."

Read the review here:

Let's get our hands dirty – backstage with the Laminar Streamer

After overcoming some expensive technical hurdles, the precision milling of the Panzerholz parts of the Laminar Streamer continues. This is the very first trial using actual Panzerholz, the most dense wood-based material available. This exotic material is compressed like steel but is still a natural wood product, giving it extraordinary acoustical damping properties. Here you can see what will become the top of the device. The control buttons will be in those recessed holes.

LessLoss Laminar Streamer 001

Below you see the part which will become the base of the unit. The two different shades of color you see here are due to a combination of differing densities of Panzerholz. For this trial, we left it at that, but in actual production, the pieces will be hand-picked in advance and put together to form a common hue and structure, "flowing" out from the center of the convex shape gently and smoothly over the edges, reminiscent of naturally formed water rings on a shoreline.

LessLoss Laminar Streamer 002

This is still just a rough cut. Further procedures will include finer smoothing and then polishing of the surface, before priming by hand and then finally applying lacquer. Because it is natural wood, some deviance in hue and tone will persist, so priming by hand will benefit the looks even more because the painter will be able to make subtle adjustments to the hue as she goes along towards the edges.

This will be such a beautiful and functionally supreme device!

LessLoss Laminar Streamer 003

Thank you for your patience while we continue work on this unique project.


Louis Motek  |

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