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Laminar Streamer with Kondo Audio Note Japan and Kaiser Acoustics @ Munich High End 2017!

Dear esteemed Customers,

Munich High End 2017

We are happy to announce that the Laminar Streamer will be in very good company at Munich High End 2017. Mark your calendar and come visit for an acoustic and visual treat!


18.05.2017 – 21.05.2017


MOC München
Lilienthalallee 40
80939 München, Germany

Room: A4.1 E101/102

We will be with Kaiser Acoustics of Germany and Kondo Audio Note of Japan.

~ Kaiser Acoustics ~

Kaiser Acoustics

Kaiser Acoustics is an advanced wood-based engineering company that specializes in acoustic solutions. A privately owned company founded in 1948, Kaiser is located in the beautiful alpine landscape in southeastern Bavaria. Kaiser has many years of experience in providing customized room acoustics for recording studios, conference rooms, lecture halls and state-of-the-art home theatre.

Bulletproof Tankwood

For years, Kaiser's commitment to technical excellent has not let them sway toward the use of compromising materials. As from their very first day, they continue to specialize in using high performance Panzerholz (bulletproof Tankwood) in all of their loudspeakers.


It is Kaiser's philosophy to combine technical excellence with aesthetic appeal; to please not only the ear, but the eye as well, since visual appeal is an integral part of the entire experience.


Kaiser designs and builds loudspeakers of extraordinary quality and performance, using only the very best components from highly dedicated partners who share the same philosophical outlook.

~ Kondo Audio Note Japan ~


From Kondo Audio Note Japan's website:

The products of Audio Note are made for and bond with audiophile's heart. They seamlessly blend audio into music, with the ability to play back music at top audio performance.

To fulfill audiophile dreams. To be original. To make products reaching the realm of art. This is the policy of Audio Note.


~ Laminar Streamer ~

The all-new Laminar Streamer finally solves the problem of digital audio harshness by using only a single clock source for the formation of the pristine digital audio stream. Although the device plays .wav and .aiff files off of SD cards, LessLoss did not incorporate the use of Windows, MAC OS, or Linux for its operating system. Instead, from ground up, LessLoss built a dedicated audiophile operating system, streamlined for the specialized task of serving the topmost quality data while avoiding timing jitter.

LessLoss Laminar Streamer

Uniquely Purpose-built for Top Performance

Unlike any other computer audio playback system, the Laminar Streamer's operating system runs synchronously at the audio sampling rate(!) via the very same high quality audio clock used for the formation of the audio data stream. Thus, a new level of quality is achieved in digital playback, previously unattainable due to the inherent complexity of running both the OS clock and the audio clock separately. The intricacies of asynchronous re-clocking, buffering, and jitter reduction have been solved at their very source, a world first for digital audio!

LessLoss Laminar Streamer


Louis Motek |