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Late-breaking news: LessLoss integrated BlackGround all-in-one plug-and-play power solution!

Dear esteemed clients,

Great news for those not wanting to tinker with power voltages!

We are now working to release our all-in-one, ready made plug-and-play solution for your BlackGround power application!

Externally it will look just like our Echo's End Original DAC. Pictured below, it features a polished, lacquered wooden enclosure with our hand-made polished bronze LessLoss placard on the front.

LessLoss BlackGround

On top it will have the name of product deeply laser engraved.
Expect to see BLACKGROUND 10x POWER BASE or similar on top.

LessLoss BlackGround

At the back of the unit it will feature our high performance cryogenically treated IEC power inlet, with over-engineered gold plated solid copper contact pins, mated directly to wood.

LessLoss BlackGround


Internally, the ready made plug-and-play device will be chock full of 10 BlackGround units, all connected and ready to go, with no user assembly required.

LessLoss BlackGround

For these inter-connections we will be using our ready made special purpose built jumpers, which will also be available for individual sale for your own projects.

Five of the BlackGrounds will be connected to the Live power line. The other five will be connected to the Neutral line. All ground contacts will be connected to the ground pin of the IEC inlet.

It goes without saying that all three flexible leads between inlet and BlackGround chains will be C-MARC™ wires.


We will make every effort to release this new plug-and-play product as quickly as possible. In fact, we will probably manage to pair it to the Early Bird BlackGround release schedule! It should be added just as soon as we have our first photographed prototype, with milling of the new unit planned beginning next week! So in effect it looks like a two-tier Early Bird release this time around. Stay tuned!


Louis Motek |