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LessLoss Awarded and is Featured on Video


In February, 2012, Hi-Fi Choice and Home Cinema (polish edition) awarded LessLoss Audio with their Recommended Components Award. This award went towards the Anchorwave interconnects and speaker cable as well as to the DFPC Signature.

The review and award appeared in the Polish language. We will have an English translation for you shortly.

5-part Video Review

In a series of five edited videos, Robert Grossman, principle librarian for the Philadelphia Orchestra, bassoon player, and lifelong audiophile, shows us how his system evolved over the years and how the LessLoss DFPC Signatures and Anchorwave cables helped him achieve the best sound he's ever heard.

At one point, he even picks up his bassoon to play along with his large Magnapans, so be sure to watch the videos. This is an interesting new way to review audio gear, so I guess we should get used to it!

New York Audio and AV Show

April 13-15, 2012, come to New York City's Waldorf-Astoria hotel. LessLoss will be in Sutton Suite along with Beyond Frontiers Audio from Serbia and Kaiser from Germany.

The high tech Kaiser loudspeakers from Bavaria, Germany shall be playing in Sutton Suite along with the full line of LessLoss cables and conditioners.

Kaiser Kawero High performance loudspeaker

  • Domestically acceptable size offering deep bass response through advanced engineering.
  • High performance vibration control via Panzerholz and high density glass fibre powder cabinet.
  • Specially treated, custom made paper and carbon sandwich cone drivers from Audiotechnology Denmark.
  • Extremely fast custom hand made RAAL 70-20 XR ribbon tweeter with high purity silver wiring and amorphous core.
  • Low resistance Mundorf CFC10 copper foil inductors.
  • High performance Mundorf silver-gold-oil capacitors.
  • Hand made Duelund VSF Copper Caps with special paper chassis.
  • Internal wiring with nanotech miro-vibration control and high bandwidth shielding.
  • Custom made Stillpoints Ultra SS Stainless Steel vibration control feet.
  • Superlative, no compromise, quality finishing. Large assortment of exotic veneers. Custom orders gladly accepted.
  • Fully customizable in any color, lacquered wood, or carbon fibre combination.
Retail price (per pair) including 19% VAT:

Painted: 40400 EUR (53081 USD)
Wood veneer (*) or carbon fibre front baffle: 42400 EUR (55709 USD)
Precision mirror finish clear lacquer (minimum five weeks lead time): 48400 EUR (63592 USD)

(*) Maple, Birch, American/European Cherry, American/European Walnut, Sycamore, Wild Service Tree, Makore Pommele, Myrtle Burl, Walnut Burl, Madron Burl, Santos Palisander, Yewtree Burl, Maple Burl, Curly Birch, Tineo, Ziricote, Zebrano, Mahogany Crotch, Macassar-Ebony, Woven Carbon Fibre.

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