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LessLoss Blackbody

Dear friends,

It is my great pleasure to present to you the all-new Blackbody!

The Blackbody is our new accessory for the high end audio world, helping us achieve a new, broader horizon of achievable quality.

Its functionality is highly effective regardless of whether you use digital or analogue. On speakers or on electronics. Regardless even of the power filtering method or cabling.

It works in a unique way, opening the door to an entirely new way of looking at electromagnetic interaction, a way which is not covered or addressed by even the wildest audiophile feet, equipment stands, or power filters.

It is not designed around new-age resonance theories. Such devices work by adding harmonics to your power through induction, allegedly bettering either your equipment's or your feelings, or a combination thereof on good days.

Rather, the Blackbody is based on simple rules of high frequency EM interaction. These simple rules led historically to the development of modern quantum electrodynamics (in lieu of the odd mathematical expectation called the Ultraviolet Catastrophe -- which never happened), and, when applied through the Blackbody to high end audio, happen to work wonders for the sound quality.

You will be offered an opportunity, if you want, to pre-order the Blackbody before it is available in return for a rebate, thus supporting us in jump-starting a larger production run and helping out with our mission, which is to provide the best sound for the least amount of money. Less loss of audio integrity and less loss of the contents of your pocketbook are on our minds at all times.

The new Blackbody is exciting, and also of such sleek, beautiful, elegant design. Thank you so much for your support! Come and see it!

LessLoss Blackbody

Louis Motek
LessLoss Audio Devices