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LessLoss Blackbody on Engadget and Gizmodo

Dear friends,

Let me tell you a little bit about my thinking (other than what is already published on Audiophile culture is interesting because of its initiatory aspect. Most of what I believe is learned through audiophile culture is a step-by-step exclusion of presumptions; a school of becoming humble in this screaming-for-attention world of ours. The opposite of audiophile culture would be the mass-production culture of big business. This is not to say that there can't be mass-produced audiophile products. But it is the small guy who works his head off for that last little tiny bit of quality who really drives audiophile culture forward.

A couple of days ago we've been featured on and This is interesting because normally those huge industry funnels do not even portray an interest in true audiophile culture by small companies. Yes, the bold design caught their attention, but also our, what seemed to them, bold wording. However, audiophiles who are initiated do not consider anything bold wording because they desire to experience for themselves. It seems to me today that audiophile culture is more about the joy of direct experience than anything else. Reviews are great to get to know things in a roundabout way, but that's about it. The main thing we as audiophiles are interested in is not looking like the next guy who also has such and such piece of cool new gear. And for this reason, it is a highly personal matter, an intimate discourse within and with ourselves about our own feelings about our goals and progress. Are we going forward? What am I hearing? What is the reason? Is it me? Emotion is part of me, but I am not a slave of it. I don't deny it, yet I partake in it in my evaluation. These constant questions we audiophiles have in our heads are the driving force of this interest in good sound, and it does lead to places. has requested a Blackbody for review. Perhaps from a business perspective, this is indeed exciting news, but I look at it as a different chance. A chance for audiophile culture to be presented to the mainstream in a unique way. Already the reviewer was over the boardline of healthy skepticism -- into the realm of cynicism -- with his introduction. But this was perhaps to play on public reaction. Mainstream journalism feeds off of outcry as its daily bread and butter. It is the lifeblood that it must constantly pump in order to remain visible in this overpopulated world. Audiophile culture is different. It is an initiatory thing, where you must become initiated and interested yourself. And so it has completely different ambitions and strategies. The first step must always be taken by the interested party, not by agressive marketing. And then, much can be discovered.

I am thankful and happy that you have placed so much trust in me and I look forward to your experience with the Blackbody. Long live the passion of desire for great sound. It ennobles the living space, and it ennobles our lives. After having correspondence with the people at Engadget, where all this money and pressure and influence is churning the huge marketing wheels of big business, I feel upon having received your sincere email inquiries about the Blackbody like I'd come home to a safe, warm place, with real, caring people in it. Sort of like home, in a way.

Thank you.

Louis Motek
LessLoss Audio Devices