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LessLoss in RMAF 2011 and an Interview Online

Hello, everyone!

LessLoss in RMAF 2011

LessLoss will be in Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2011, in Denver Colorado. Find us there in Room 1121 with Laufer Teknik. The system this year shall include:
  • LessLoss DFPC Signature power cables throughout
  • LessLoss Firewalls powering each component
  • The source: Nova Physics Memory Player from the USA
  • LessLoss Tunnelbridge powered interconnect
  • Amplification: Beyond Frontiers Tulip from Serbia
  • LessLoss Anchorwave vibration control loudspeaker cables (World Premier)
  • Speakers: Volent VL-2 bookshelf loudspeakers from Hong Kong
I look forward to seeing you there. No Vodka this time, but I'll think of something!

Published Interview with LessLoss Managing Director Louis Motek

The online journal Mono and Stereo has published an article and pertaining interview with Louis Motek on the subtleties of power cord design and high end audio philosophy in general.

In it, you'll learn how the publisher, Matej Isak, thought these cables 'killed' his music, but instantly changed his mind as all his musical memory's anchors went firing off.

Have a great day,
Louis Motek
LessLoss Audio