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LessLoss introduces C-MARC™ wire and cable expanded business concept

Dear Esteemed Customers,

As stated in our last Newsletter, we reach out to you, our loyal customers, first, and make our newest announcements to you directly before going public. In keeping with this policy of open cards and close ties with our best customers, it is my pleasure today to announce to you the new business concepts involved in our newest product.

LessLoss Audio Devices C-MARC

LessLoss introduces C-MARC wire and cable

LessLoss introduces a comprehensive new line of wire and cable products conceptualized as an open platform in order to execute the LessLoss mission statement: “To serve the most people with the best sound at the lowest price.” We take this bold step in order to further the art and business of high performance audio playback. With this step the art becomes accessible to a whole new segment of audiophiles. Aligning with our goals we are categorically dismissing all notions and use of so-called “unobtanium” elements. This type of thinking and design has sadly served to help label audiophiles as the laughing stock of the broader audio marketplace. With C-MARC™, we are addressing the ongoing disservice to the genuinely curious audiophile who in his right mind believes in rational means of modern progress and production including:

  • Rational use of materials and production technique
  • Rational profit margins resulting in real-world pricing
  • A rational explanation for perceived phenomena
  • Open cards as to all constituent materials
  • Genuine help and guidance for the DIY enthusiast
  • A performance boost you can instantly hear and easily cherish
In order that our new C-MARC™ high performance wire and cable products serve the most people with the best sound at the lowest price, following rationale is followed.

The most people

LessLoss Audio Devices C-MARC

In order to reach the most people we must become accessible not only to those requiring plug-and-play product, but also to DIYers and system installers who custom build components and cables themselves, and who can solder. Of the latter group, we serve both those who have, and those who do not have, experience with a soldering pot. C-MARC™ represents products and services tailored to be attractive to both sub-groups equally.

The best sound

LessLoss Audio Devices C-MARC

For six tough years, we put our best minds and all of our most genuine effort into establishment of the wire and cable design which becomes the wedge with which we can substantially broaden the extremely thin crack between perfect sonic balance and completely colorless revelation of pure signal on silence. Thus established, the only performance difference remaining between the new C-MARC™ wire and cable products is one of conductivity and number of signal leads. Merely the Ohm/cost ratio surrounding this sole parameter defines the different product price points.

Lowest price

LessLoss Audio Devices C-MARC

To achieve the lowest price for this performance, the wire and cable product design must be:

  • Focussed on leanest possible use of readily available, non-exotic materials
  • Manufactured using well-established industrial production techniques which guarantee rational workflow and use of most efficient equipment
  • Available in bulk form to be used by DIYers, in OEM applications, and by independent installation contractors across the world
  • Available in half-readied form to be used by beginner DIYers who need a helping hand, or for special bulk OEM applications
  • Available in plug-and-play form for everybody else
  • Available factory direct and within reasonable lead times, which is a tried and tested formula for information age businesses to remain competitive and relevant in the global marketplace
In our next Newsletter we will show you the guts of the new C-MARC™ wire and cable products and will provide you with the reasons why this solution is so effective.

LessLoss Audio Devices C-MARC

Thank you for following LessLoss!

Louis Motek |