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LessLoss launches free email alerts: be first to snatch up legacy/used gear at great savings!

Dear esteemed Customers,

Here at LessLoss we quite frequently receive legacy products from customers opting to upgrade to our latest and greatest. As you know, our upgrade policy is friendly, so people do take advantage quite often. As a result, we sometimes have legacy or current production equipment available for purchase at far below normal pricing. From time to time people write to us wishing to take advantage should the opportunity arise. But now we have systemised the process and you can be first to take advantage!

Quality is always paramount

Rest assured, these items are always carefully inspected and tested by LessLoss to ensure they adhere 100% to our strict standards of appearance and performance. So for those looking for certified quality at a great price, this your best move!

LessLoss B-Stock Notification Alerts

The launch and how it works

We have created a LessLoss Alerts email system where you can opt in for free to be first to get latest news on any available legacy items from LessLoss directly. Whenever such items become available, we will send out a full description of the item, and the first to respond positively will be able to purchase at the discounted price shown in the email.

The best part - your green light to our upgrade path

These items are fully backed by LessLoss's guarantees. They are as functionally good as new. What's more, because you will now be the owner, LessLoss will continue to honour any available future upgrade offers based on these items, as if purchased new, presenting fantastic long-term investment as your system matures.

LessLoss B-Stock Notification Alerts

I'm all in! What's my next step? How do I proceed?

To sign up for the Alert Service, completely free of charge, simply head on over to our new email Alerts page, enter your email, and after confirmation, you're in! After that we'll be sending you updates as the items become available.

Don't forget, all sales will be "first come, first served" as we will not reserve these items for later purchase.

Thank you all for your continued interest in our art.


Louis Motek |