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LessLoss @ RMAF 2010 - Louis Motek's personal dream system!

Dear Friends,

LessLoss Audio is showing at RMAF 2010 in Denver, Colorado! Show dates are October 15-17.

The LessLoss room is Room: 437

We are featuring FOUR World Premiers in one room!

We are preparing the sound of a lifetime! Please, come visit and enjoy red-book CD sound as it was (probably) never heard before!

Throughout my audiophile years, I have come to appreciate a large number of systems and solutions. So I got to thinking: why not assemble a personal "dream system" which utilizes all of my known knowledge of excellent solutions, each in their own field of expertise? Surely the results will be no less than phenomenal, taken that on several occasions I have heard each of the following magnificent components in different settings, each having left a very long-lasting impression upon me for their musical performance. Not "musicality" in the sense that the electronics sing in their own voice, but rather their "musicality" in the sense that the music just goes right through them without being altered this way or that. A source that doesn't sound "like a source." Amps that don't sound "like an amp." Cable that doesn't sound "like cable." Speakers that don't sound "like boxes." Ideally, every piece of audio equipment that you wrap your knuckle on should sound only like the resonance found in your knuckle. Then you are potentially really entering high end audio. I don't want to hear the gear. I want to hear everything but!

Here's what I plan to set up in the room:

The C.E.C. TL-0 transport. This is the best transport I have ever heard. A very high end and highly tweaked computer audio system is in fact better than this unit, until you tweak around with the vibrational issues of the external power supply, at which the C.E.C. takes the lead again. >From the factory, the external power supply comes in a cheap metal case. Once the vibration thereof is taken care of, the unit is as close to analog-sounding (probably) as it gets.

The LessLoss DAC 2004 MkII. This converter utilizes the legacy technology PCM 1704 mono DAC chips which have separate oversampling chips to go along with them. Parallel-resistor type microchips were always difficult and expensive to manufacture, but their liquid and natural sound has never been beaten by any of the the newer, cheaper Sigma/Delta 1-bit type DAC chips. These always have a somewhat "forward", in-your-face type sound which is very exciting for a short listen, but if you are in for the long-haul, you get tired and the sound seems to become artificial. Not so with the parallel-resistor PCM 1704, where the sound seems to grow on you as time passes, as you discover individual human voices in the choir, and the breathing of the conductor, etc. The batteries powering the analogue schematics give a silent background to the wonderful sound quality that these legendary AC chips produce. Special galvanic separation of digital and analogue schematics is unique. Specs are specs are specs. The ear just loves the smooth and detailed and natural sound of the DAC 2004 MkII, hand-made with love by Vil Duda of LessLoss Audio.

World Premier #1! The Tunnelbridge powered interconnect. We will be showing and using a late-stage prototype of the revolutionary Tunnelbridge interconnect. This interconnect is the brain-child of Louis Motek and addresses in a unique way his philosophy of living with loss instead of coloring it to your liking. With this design, we live with cable loss, acknowledge it, capture it, burn it, throw it away, but never touch the original signal, which passes the cable completely unaltered. The "tunnel" part of the name comes from the tunnel of electromagnetic activity formed by the associated electronics within this cable. It has nothing to do with static voltage bias you may be familiar with from other cable designs. The tunnel follows the signal in real time and keeps the signal from ever seeing the electromagnetic surroundings it is in. It is as if the signal is riding in a hot-air balloon being pushed by the wind -- it never encounters the wind and thus the background is utterly silent -- such that no turbulence are at all experienced by the signal! This is a must-hear solution: at last, a cable which does not color the sound at all.

World Premier #2! The New LessLoss Firewall. This much anticipated device is a one-input, one-output power conditioner which takes the LessLoss DFPC Signature some 100 times further with regards to low background noise, huge dynamics, and extreme vibration control. To further this last aspect, Panzerholz (Tankwood) is utilized. This is an amazing material manufactured only in Germany. Several layers of Beechwood are pressed together under extremely high pressure, heat and moisture. The layers of this unique wood therefore bond together chemically, resulting in an extremely stable natural wood product which is so dense that it sinks in water. Its acoustic absorption characteristics are extremely good. This has been measured by my friends in the industry. We are working hard to make it in time for the show!

World Premier #3! The NEM AI-50 Integrated Hybrid Amplifier. Entirely hand-built by very knowledgeable enthusiasts in Novosibirsk, Russia, this 150 pound work-horse is the most no-nonsense amp I have ever encountered with the best-sounding technologies known to humankind. The signal goes through only three elements (four if you count the resistor in the volume control). We will have two of them running in dual-mono mode. This amp is very special. All other amps in the world run like this: imagine you were out for a jog and you return home and are thirsty. You take a small glass from the cabinet. You go to the sink and turn on the faucet, and fill up the glass. You turn off the faucet and drink from the glass. Then you want more, so you turn on the faucet again, fill the glass, turn it off, and drink down another glass. The glass is so small and your thirst is so big. The NEM amp has an infinitely large glass, and you can never drink it all out. That is why this entirely hand-made amp is very unique, among other highly specialized features, such as the requirement that all transistors remain at the exact same temperature. It is a work of art and is impossible to upgrade.

World Premier #4! The Kaiser Kawero Vivace. Small loudspeakers with a very large sound, these are the "small brothers" of the Kaiser Kawero. These speakers keep winning "best sound of show" exclamations every time they are displayed. The people who made these speakers are professional acousticians who first build a perfect room and then built this speaker in that room. These are probably the most dense speakers in the world, and are very small. Perfect for a small hotel room demonstration. I'm excited.

The LessLoss DFPC Signature power cables. These are quickly becoming a standard for many people. They provide what is probably the most organic sounding results of any power cord. The sound can be enjoyed literally for hours upon end, all day long if you wish, without any listening fatigue or false coloration. And I'm the one going to be in the room all the time, so I know what I'm doing!

Go to the show if you can!

Louis Motek
LessLoss Audio