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LessLoss: Ultra High Resolution Recording in Basel, Switzerland

Dear fans of great music, and great recordings,

I am happy to announce the completion of two LessLoss Bach Sonata recordings for flute and basso continuo. Flute and harpsichord as well as bassoon playing the basso continuo line were recorded using the best hand made recording gear LessLoss has achieved to date.

It's a great musical collaboration of three energetic young musicians, recorded in Basel's wonderful acoustics of St. Martin's Church in the Old Town. The best, most detailed and least distorted sound is made available on the 24 bit / 96 kHz version, now available for download. Demo sections are available in MP3 format. CD versions are also available if you don't want to bother converting the 24/96 versions yourself. Believe me, even this seemingly simple mathematical task is a musical art in and of itself.

I am very happy to have had the opportunity to record harpsichord. Due to its somewhat "obnoxious" harmonic content, this instrument really reveals any and all high frequency distortion, and I'm certain that this recording represents some of the cleanest high frequency source material you will have ever heard, whether you are an enthusiast audiophile or professional working in the field of recording.

The LessLoss Firewall, DFPCs and several Blackbody prototypes were used. Even a Blackbody prototype placed under the microphones stripped away a further layer of hitherto unknown distortion, revealing even more detail and truthfulness in the audio signal.

Thank you for following LessLoss as our technologies continue to mature. We have even more quality in store for you for the near future.

Best regards,
Louis Motek
Managing Director
LessLoss Audio Devices