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Mono and Stereo decorates DFPC Reference power cable

"With the LessLoss DFPC Reference power cord, you'll enter the world of high-end power cables with enough authority to keep your mind at rest for a long time. For some, perhaps even for good. When you sample the often unimaginable true ultra high-end audio reproduction's ability to shift reality, you'll have a hard time returning to something with only mediocre, reserved performance."

"In my previous review of the DFPC Signature, I didn't award the cable with a dedicated title, and I always felt I should have done so. But this time I'm being assertive: the Mono & Stereo Editor Award goes to the LessLoss DFPC Reference power cable. Why? Because it clearly represents a new threshold for established performance norms and brings out a level of performance that you'll be hard pressed to find, either at this price range, or even at several multiples thereof."

"In summary: the LessLoss DFPC Reference is a power cable with three star features: its evolution is founded in logic (Skin-filtering), its implementation is carried out well (both attractive and flexible), and its price is in relation to actual results."

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