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NEW breakthrough: Entropic Processing by LessLoss Audio!

Dear esteemed Customers,

As work is now being completed on the new Firewall for Loudspeakers product (only some weeks left - a final Newsletter about this will go out Wednesday), it is my pleasure to announce to you the latest leap in perfection LessLoss has in store for you!

This is the most groundbreaking discovery and application LessLoss has ever established. It has great implications for all of us audiophiles.


What this is all about

To all of us, the tribulations of burn-in have always been difficult and, let's be honest, it is a mysterious and unpleasant process to go through.

Often times you don't even know what sound you will wind up with until weeks and weeks after introducing a fresh item into a well established sound system.

We've been working hard at cracking the code to this phenomenon. It has taken us literally decades to figure this out.

After countless trials, each teaching us a little something about this strange, elusive phenomenon, we have finally done it.

We have finally cracked the code.

We can now not only utilize, but also fully control, this burn-in aging process to the point where we can harness it to create an entirely new category of performance in future products. A performance level not nearly revealed by 5 years of burn-in. One not even approached by using specialty burn-in machines. One I daresay not ever heard by any reviewer nor by any of the most advanced audio systems in existence.

LessLoss will offer this new level of performance to you starting at the beginning of 2020.

We'll start by introducing our first cable product with what we'll term C-MARCEntropic Processing technology.

-- Processes first developed for use in our Firewall for Loudspeakers product.
-- Now perfected to be applicable to future wire and cable products.
-- Greatly accelerates, simplifies, and in some cases does entirely away with the difficult extended burn-in period.
-- Elevates performance immediately to unprecedented levels.
-- Brings out the most emotionally moving performance.
-- Takes away any notion of grain, grit, sandiness, and hardness from the sound. Smooth, silky, liquid, are all understatements.
-- Strikes you immediately with awe and wonder at how the music signal can be so full of dynamic life, so vivacious and moving beyond compare.
-- Reveals so much detail and hidden treasure in all recordings, you'll be left with sweeping respect to musicians whose recordings you thought you knew by heart.
-- Profound silence which allows the signal total freedom of expression without coloration.

How you can participate in the launch

Because of the popularity of our 'credit system' before, we will roll it out again.

It is a friendly system where you can purchase 'credits' on our web shop which remain in effect until you cash them in. This means you are never under any time pressure to finalize your ultimate purchase decision, but you are allowed precedence in line when launch date comes.

Any credit you purchase now, shall be redeemable at increased value when you purchase the new C-MARC™ product featuring Entropic Processing.

Upgrade offers will be made for any existing LessLoss product traded in, in addition to the Credit offer below.

The value of the Credit shall go up when you cash it in.

To purchase a Credit, the price is 98 USD. You can purchase as many of them as you wish, in as many orders as you wish, and at any date you wish. They will all be added together on our shop.

The earlier you purchase a credit, the earlier your order will appear on our job roster once you place the order. The purchase date of your first credit locks in your position on our job roster. First come, first served, as always.

When it comes time that you wish to cash in your credit towards the new C-MARC™ product featuring Entropic Processing, the Credit's value will go up.

You purchased the Credit for 98 USD.

The Credit will be cashed in for 168 USD value towards the new product. This represents a savings of 42% when the time comes.

Our first C-MARC™ product to feature Entropic Processing shall be the new power cable in January 2020. Although the price is not yet entirely set in stone, it will likely be exactly as it is now: 1148 USD, delivered. As we scale in size, we are able to complete larger and larger batches and this allows us to remain more and more efficient, a win-win for both yourselves and us!

We will accept trade-ins of any existing C-MARC™ power cables, and will even help arrange UPS pickup for you.

Combining a trade-in with the Credit cash-in, will result in a very smooth, inexpensive upgrade.


(1) You bought the C-MARC™ power cable, new, for 1148 USD.

(2) You opt to trade it in for the new Entropic Processing C-MARC™ PC at a value of 50% (574 USD value).

(3) You cover the remaining 50% (which is 574 USD) by cashing in 3 Credits (Cash-in value is 3 x 168 = 504 USD in credit).

(4) Thus, you only have 70 USD to pay at the time you place the upgrade order.

Those three credits will only cost you 294 USD (3 x 98 USD).

And of course, you will never have to send in anything to us until you have received the new product. This will eliminate any down-time of your system.

This Credit system was popular when we launched the C-MARC™ cables. Everything went smoothly and everybody who participated got a great deal, and a great deal better sound.

Your participation helped us go on to better things at greater value to audiophiles.

Today it is no different. Thank you.

You're not locked out

If you do not know how many credits you will be needing, you can always purchase fewer than necessary now, and more later once concrete calculations have been made. Even getting one credit right now will lock your place in production line.

Validity of offer

All credits purchased at this time shall remain valid for one full year from date of purchase.

I'm happy to now offer you another meaningful, priceworthy, and friendly opportunity to upgrade to the new series of C-MARC™ cables with Entropic Processing. It will not disappoint your ears, nor your wallet.

In later weeks we will also roll out other C-MARC™ cables with Entropic Processing. RCA, XLR, and Speaker Cables are already slated and planned.

All cables with Entropic Processing will be clearly marked as such.

How to proceed

A Credit is only 98 USD.

--> You lock your place in the production line so you'll be served first.
--> You will get 168 USD value for it.
--> You help support LessLoss with the launch of the new C-MARC power cord with Entropic Processing.

And to top it off:

In mutual relations it is said that gifting one another brings about trust and goodwill. Anyone who orders 8 credits or more by Dec. 05th shall be gifted a Special Free Credit towards the purchase of our pending Blackbody v.II product, coming out early 2020.

Here's your sneak peek image:

LessLoss Blackbody v.2 - coming soon

Here's your link:

LessLoss Firewall


Louis Motek |