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New C-MARC video; 6moons review of Firewall integration

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What makes a truly great audio cable?

LessLoss C-MARC Cable

LessLoss C-MARC Cable

For the past several months during and after the C-MARC™ wire and cable launch, we've been working in the background on a short and simple explanatory video which aims to showcase the operational functionality behind the unique effectiveness of all new C-MARC™ wire and cable products. It was done with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) using today's cutting edge software and talent. The project was very complex from a computational perspective. It would be impossible for any simple desktop computer, however well tweaked, to render locally. We sent off the final session to a leading rendering farm in France for final calculation of the frames.

The resulting clip is only about 1 minute long. But what with virtual braiding machines, virtual lighting, countless virtual particles, depth of image, and all the individual elements truly present in the actual C-MARC™ product which was modelled 1:1, when the server farm in France initially tried to render the images, our small project actually wound up crashing the entire system! Finally the IT gurus there tweaked their system to get the project successfully rendered. Now we are finally finished and the video is now online!

LessLoss C-MARC Cable

How can a cable reduce noise while not influencing sonic performance? Watch our just-released video (~1 minute) to find out how C-MARC™ nails it!

6moons reviews Firewall stacks installed into amplifier

Six Moons

6moons says of Firewall modules: More organic and fluid, better frequency extremes, layering, impact and weight.

What we submitted

Two otherwise identical amplifiers were sent over to 6moons publisher Srajan Ebaen for his critical analysis. One had Firewall modules onboard, the other did not. It was immediately obvious to him which one had Firewall modules onboard.

Some highlights:

"As anticipated, this whodunnit was easily sorted. What I'll call the X amp [with Firewall modules]–internally in parts, sonically in 'more'–distinguished itself on two levels. The first had to do with raw quantity."

"Here [with Firewall modules] the bass was better articulated, front-to-back layering more developed, the treble more suave and vocals were more present."

"Describing why the feel was more organic and fluid leads to lazier lengthier decays and background sounds more connected to the foreground. The plain Jane's [without Firewalls] drier take coincided with sharper separation but lacked the more holistic elasticity of the X [with Firewall modules]. One was pricklier and more staccato, the other rounder, smoother and of a more legato persuasion."

"[With Firewalls:] better visibility at the frequency extremes and of the imaging precision in general."

"The depth layers of X [with Firewall modules] during chorus interludes had superior development. With it the low beats of the Bombay Dub Orchestra had more impact and weight."

"One [without Firewalls] was cooler, sharper, more bare boned and lean. The other [with Firewalls] was richer, mellower, smoother and fuller."

"[With Firewall modules had] this afterglow quality. Here lingered on a stronger flavour of space, ambiance and calm."

"For an alternate take on LessLoss Firewall effects, read Vance Hiner's review of the Echo's End DAC. Between us–and we've not had any exchanges–there's no doubt. These Firewall cards really do the trick."

"What today's experiment showed is that it takes no luxury gear at all to hear differences or create improvements."

Read the whole review here.

Get your Firewall modules here. We have DIY solutions starting from just 178 USD. Plug-and-play solutions start at only 410 USD. This is unique technology exclusively from LessLoss Audio. We also do custom power distributor projects. Your imagination is the limit. Drop us a line to discuss on [email protected].

LessLoss Firewall


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