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New Firewall 640x review, grandfathered into 6moons Blue Moon Award!

Dear esteemed Customers,

Happy to announce the new Firewall 640x has appeared in its first review!

LessLoss Firewall 640x

Both the regular flexible lead version (654 USD) and the C-MARCEntropic Process version (1272 USD) of the Firewall 640x were submitted.

LessLoss Firewall 640x

The device is an easy to use, light weight add-on which plugs in between your power cable and any audio component's power inlet directly. As the name, borrowed from the world of IT, suggests, this power conditioner only lets pass the power we desire without any of the pollution artifacts which plague compromised industrial power as we know it today.

The Firewall 640x is currently in stock and can be purchased on our web shop here!

The C-MARCEntropic Process Firewall 640x will soon be available. We are ramping up production right now!


"Onset of treble glare native to your system will delay or disappear altogether."
April, 2021, author: Srajan Ebaen

"Sven Boenicke of the eponymous speaker house and Martin Gateley of sound|kaos have embraced LessLoss Firewall tech by optionally installing it inside their speakers. That's quite an endorsement of its efficacy."

"Clear changes."

"Made the sound darker, softer, denser, moved it forward then dialed up contrast."

"An unusual twosome, namely higher contrast plus softer darker density. Those don't often go together. Here they do."

"Without losing resolution but rather gaining separation, the treble feels smoother, less lit up".

"Contrast/resolution improves."

"The progression from zero to four 640X to four C-Marc Entropic was one of growing wood. That's not a lame locker-room quip but a description of how cello and piano transformed from metallic strings to resonant tone-wood bodies."

"Taking the [multiple Firewall 640x’es] out again was – really bad by comparison."

LessLoss Firewall 640x

"The overall sound acquired lengthier decays for richer tone and removed the edge burrs."

"More density whose gravitational aspect also felt darker."

"More audible decay action whose overlap with following transients wrapped them in fine reverb gossamer to seem softer. Simultaneously subtle venue cues floated up into awareness."

"A cleaner purer treble followed the same trend."

"Worked like a massage therapist honing in on trouble spots."

"It became dead obvious: microdynamic range had expanded."

"Gave melodic arcs more expression."

"The instrumentalist's or singer's small inflections and accents registered as deeper so had more wiggly life and less flat-lined dynamic evenness. As you play really loud, the onset of treble glare native to your system will delay as well or disappear altogether."

"A pair of [C-MARC Entropic Process Firewall 640x] on the first connection strikes me as similarly potent as a Firewall for Loudspeakers on each speaker. So it's fair to say that the Firewall 640X C-Marc Entropic is equally effective to grandfather into the earlier award."

LessLoss Firewall 640x

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