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New free downloads from LessLoss - better than ever!

Dear supporters,

Two new incredibly high quality recordings have been added to the downloads section. All for free.

Although there were still some slight technical difficulties (some low-level interference at times in one channel), which you will have no problems forgiving us for, you will be hearing possibly the very top level quality recordings ever made!

These are:

(1) A Steinway & Sons grand piano -- this time the instrument is in great shape.

I do not believe you have heard this type of accuracy in the recording of grand piano before. The suspended strings' overtones are right on, the decays are perfect, and it is amazing how natural everything sounds (Blackbodys are in action for this recording!). Ok, maybe the mics were a tad too close to the grand piano for ultimate balance with the hall, but it is really good as it is, regardless.

(2) A drum duet recording featuring six short pieces, about three minutes each. The first time you hear them, if you can keep yourself from listening to the MP3 samples first, and just download them in either 16/44.1 or 24/96, I would REALLY like to hear from you about your impressions. This recording is the very definition of clean and uncolored. Blackbodys really strut their stuff here, and there's no mistaking it. I do not believe you have heard drums in this clarity and detail ever before.

ENJOY! And get some Blackbodys for your own system! Write me an email and I'll make you an offer. Spread the word about these recordings. They are really getting exceptionally good, as I'm sure you'll agree!

Happy listening!

Louis Motek
Managing Director
LessLoss Audio Devices