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New LessLoss products on the horizon! / New alert service from LessLoss!

Dear esteemed Customers,

We've got four newsworthy items for you today from LessLoss:

(#1) A new Blackbody/Ground Interface product is under development!
(#2) A new amplifier product from LessLoss is under development!
(#3) Two new reviews of the LessLoss power Distributor are in the works!
(#4) A special Alert mechanism is pending where you'll be able to be first to snatch up LessLoss legacy products at attractive discounted prices.

Details on each below.

(#1) New Blackbody/Ground Interface

This is exciting news, as it represents an entirely new approach to the relation in which the Blackbody v.2 stands between incoming cosmic radiation and the Earth's potential. You will have noticed the proliferation of so-called 'grounding boxes' and similar solutions for audiophile applications. This is something similar, but the unique aspect here is that, in our case, this new device will actually sever the purely electrical ground connection between Blackbody and Ground, but will maintain a specific magnetic relationship.

You know how the Blackbody v.2 is currently grounded via our available Grounding Cable product, as in the picture below:

LessLoss Blackbody

Or even when you have multiple Blackbodies connected in series, with the final one in the series grounded:

LessLoss Blackbody

The new Blackbody/Ground Interface will come in the form of a small metallic item of similar size as a single Blackbody, with provision to accept the same M3 sized ring type connectors our Grounding Cables are terminated with. The Blackbodies will be electrically connected to the Interface via one terminal, and the same Grounding Cable you are using to your home's ground will be used to connect the Interface to ground potential. Thus, the Interface simply connects between the last Blackbody in your chain and your home's ground potential.

We are currently working to complete the terminal connection threaded holes and will have some updates coming up pretty soon! The principle is there, we just need to complete the physical form factor to make it easy to use.

The sonic results are very good. It is amazing how much better the Blackbody works once the Interface is installed. Nothing short of fascinating!

(#2) New amplifier being developed by LessLoss!

Quietly, in stealth mode, we have been working on a mono block amp project for the past several years. Of course, as with everything LessLoss does, our approach is based on out-of-the-box mentality. This amplifier is not even based on audio grade components!

The Backstory

In the 80's, the world saw a huge technological transition from analogue technologies to digital based technologies. Hence, component manufacturing also went this route. For this reason many of the world's topmost achievements in analogue component design were rendered obsolete by the mid 90's.

There were some highly specialized manufacturing companies in Japan and elsewhere which were making analogue components for the most demanding specialty applications. We're not talking domestic use applications like car radios, home stereos, or even PA systems. In fact we're not talking audio at all. We're talking extremely high bandwidth analogue applications for niche markets, the likes of which most people didn't even know about. Only labs involved with very high bandwidth analogue data processing were the target market, and by the early 90's, this specific type of technology had matured to the very height of its achievement.

And then came digital, and, pretty much overnight, revolutionized every aspect of high bandwidth data processing, to the point where only specific audio bandwidth spec'ed components continued to be manufactured. These are all the typical transistors and MOSFET type op-amps we know today.

However, LessLoss realized the potential value of those long-forgotten gems from Analogue Era's heyday of the late 80's, and after successful evaluation, immediately proceeded to scrounge the entire planet for rest stock of these precious parts. Through some quite serious detective work, we were able to locate and buy up all rest stock on the entire planet. Now, LessLoss, and only LessLoss, is in possession of the highest bandwidth analogue amplification components the human race has ever produced.

The big deal is that the sound that these babies pass is so fast and clean, there isn't even a hint of harshness or coloration. Has to be heard to be believed.

There are not a whole lot of these. As stated before, it was always a highly specialized affair. We have enough to make a total of 100 individual mono blocks, or 50 stereo pairs. After that, we'll only have enough left for ongoing maintenance (or the occasional friend or two).

Some technical things you may want to know about this pending amp product:

(1) There will be no global feedback at the output stage. This means that the typical feedback-controlled distortion reducing mechanism is not used in our design, leading to the most immediate impulse response possible.

(2) Throughout the entire signal path from input all the way to the output of the amp, there are no capacitors. Beauty is in simplicity.

(3) The bandwidth this amp cleanly passes is well over 5000 times that of human hearing! We're talking DC to over 100,000,000 Hz!

(4) The amp will deliver 35 Watts into 8 Ohm speakers and 70 Watts into 4 Ohm speakers.

(5) Will be compatible with any speakers ranging from about 88 dB/1W and up. For lower sensitivity speakers you'll probably want a stronger amp.

(6) Perfect for high end headphones, even such as planar magnetics. Only for balanced headphones with 4 contacts (two per channel). An output adapter from the amp's speaker terminal to your specific headphone cable input type will be required. We'll be able to customize something for you using C-MARC™ wire.

(7) The amp draws about 30W of power per mono block, regardless of whether it is playing music or not.

(8) There will be two RCA inputs per mono block. One will have provision to block DC just in case (this is for safety and you may not even hear the difference), and the other will be ultra pure high end, with a direct input line to the amp without any DC block protection (you'll have to trust your source device never feeds DC to it in order not to blow any speaker drivers).

The projected form factor for this mono block amp will be something similar to that of our Echo's End DACs. Price is yet to be established.

This amp, along with our Echo's End Reference Supreme DAC, is set out to be one of our "OMG" products. Super excited by this!

(#3) LessLoss Power Distributor pending reviews

LessLoss Power Distributor

A couple of reviews are pending for the new LessLoss power distributor. You can look forward to them on:

LessLoss Power Distributor


LessLoss Power Distributor

In fact, the 6moons first couple of pages are already published and viewable here:

(#4) New email Alert tool to snatch legacy items at great prices!

Here at LessLoss we quite frequently receive legacy products from customers opting to upgrade to our latest and greatest. As you know, our upgrade policy is friendly, so people do take advantage quite a lot. As a result, we often have some legacy equipment available for purchase at far below initial pricing. From time to time people write to us wishing to take advantage should the opportunity arise.

Quick note: always keep in mind you can write to us with upgrade inquiries! We offer friendly deals all the time and we take care of all the shipping paperwork in both directions for you!

However, often times people miss out on the opportunity because we sell these returned items on a first come, first served basis, and never reserve them. We have to keep our paperwork/office activities to a minimum, otherwise we get swamped, and as a small business driven chiefly by intensive R&D and manufacturing, we can't expand with extra sales hands handling such operations. So, we came up with a solution!

We'll soon implement a new LessLoss Alerts email system whereby you'll be able to opt in so you'd get the latest news on any available legacy items from LessLoss directly. Rest assured, these will always be 100% inspected and tested by LessLoss to ensure they adhere to our most strict standards of both looks and (most importantly) performance! So for those on a budget, this is going to be your ticket for guaranteed best possible performance/price ratio!

We'll make more announcements regarding all of the above as they develop.

Here's looking forward to these serious developments here at LessLoss!

Thank you all for your continued interest in our art.


Louis Motek |