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New plug'n'play Firewall module from LessLoss

Dear customers,

We have 2 pieces of good news for your enjoyment today.

(1) A new, ready-to-use, Firewall module with C13/C14 IEC connectors attached.
(2) A pending 6moons review by Srajan Ebaen.

A new easy-to-use Firewall module variation

We have now made available a new version of the Firewall module which has no exposed contacts. No screwdriver is needed for installation. You simply plug it in between the end of your existing power cord and the IEC inlet of your gear. You don't need to worry about directionality, phase, or anything else. You will not even need to open or in any way modify your own gear.

Simply plug the Firewall module into the IEC inlet of your gear and plug your power cord into the Firewall module and you will have instant results which far surpass industry standard 'caps and coils' filtering methods.

Very simple expansion is also possible. Simply daisy chain several Firewall modules together for even greater results. Prices start at only $241 with purchases of four or more units. As always, shipping is already included in the price! Superb sound quality has never been this affordable. Try out some Firewall modules today! You'll be very glad you did.

6moons review intro is published

6moons owner/publisher/editor Srajan Ebaen has been furnished 20 Firewall modules in various configurations and is planning to release his full review.

The introduction is published here:

Read it here

We also look forward to reviews from Mono and Stereo (Slovakia) as well as from (Denmark) and Music Emotion print magazine (The Netherlands).

DIY Projects

Come see several DIY projects implementing the Firewall modules on our open forum.

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