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New press review extolls the virtues of the Echo's End DAC & Firewall 5X; Get yourself custom C-MARC™

Dear Esteemed Customers,

A new review of the Echo's End DAC and Firewall 5X has appeared.

Echo's End is:

-- S/PDIF ready up to 192 kHz / 24 bits
-- USB ready with no driver installation required for MAC OS computers
-- DSD and 2x DSD ready

The Audiobeat

Some highlights:

...better than any DAC I've had in my system...
...far more organic and three-dimensional...

LessLoss Echos End

"Whether it was Red Book, 24-bit/192kHz or 2x DSD files, the Echo's End narrowed the gap considerably, sounding largely like itself no matter the source."

"I wasn't prepared for the sonic bloom and realism."

"The Echo's End produced a three-dimensional soundstage that was strikingly deep. It rendered the nightclub crowd sounds so realistically that they became an important part of setting the mood of the performance; in fact, my dog, Zorro, started barking at some of the rowdier customers seated at the bar."

"The Echo's End is exceptionally good at detail retrieval."

"Clean, quiet and vivid. Those are not words that normally come to mind when I listen to this CD. I also noticed how much depth there was in the soundstage and the clarity of Baker's tone."

"The Echo's End is a damned fine DAC."

LessLoss Echos End

"The Echo's End is a thoroughly modern DAC that manages to sound both detailed and remarkably natural, but there are two things in particular that it does better than any DAC I've had in my system."

"First, its stage via USB presented music in a far more organic and three-dimensional way than what I've come to expect from this interface."

"Second, the Echo's End's timing and pacing are downright addictive. Its above-average performance in this particular area meant that groups of musicians sounded especially in sync, resulting in an emotional, visceral reaction to the music."

"The Echo's End is a real charmer."

Get a Firewall 5X and you'll be amazed at the difference in sonic performance! No coloration, no artificial enhancement; just more purity, more depth, and more revelation!

LessLoss C-MARC Cable

A specialty wire and cable solution like no other!

LessLoss C-MARC Cable

Presenting custom cable solutions featuring C-MARC™ Wire and Cable

We are happy to offer you custom cable solutions using the highly versatile C-MARC™ wire and cable​ products. Among our possibilities are:

C-MARC™ Hook-up wire, Small: 0.864mm^2 cross section
C-MARC™ Hook-up wire, Large: 2.304mm^2 cross section
C-MARC™ Coaxial Cable, adjoined at both ends: 4.608mm^2 cross section
C-MARC™ Triaxial Cable, adjoined at both ends: 5.472mm^2 cross section

As an example: pictured below, a set of 20cm high performance loudspeaker jumper cables utilizing C-MARCCoaxial Cable, all strands electrically terminated at both ends with bananas. These feature 4.608mm^2 conductive cross section each, unbelievably low noise floor, supreme sonic purity! Price​ for a complete set​: 680 USD, including international delivery.

LessLoss C-MARC Cable

Please write with your ideas and we'll get right back to you with ours. Together we can make it happen! C-MARC™ is the ultimate specialty wire for sonic perfection. Whether used for AC or DC, your expectations of what audio playback is capable of will never be the same again!​


Louis Motek |