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New press review of the BlackGround: "One of the most potent accessories in the LessLoss portfolio"

Dear esteemed clients,

The audiophile equipment online magazine Hifi Knights has just published a new review of the BlackGround DIY module.

In it, publisher Dawid Grzyb describes how he spent many weeks trying out different combinations of the BlackGround module with the Blackbody v.2 device. Here is some of what he has to say there.


"higher density, contrast ratio and smoothness."

"extra softness, reverb, spatial order and tone, particularly audible in the upper band."

"The delta of these changes in my setup had me quite surprised"

"BlackGround is a terrific grit remover"

LessLoss BlackGround DIY

"To encapsulate BlackGround's action in practice, please imagine that one day the sound in your room seems somewhat matte, harsh, ethereal, overly contoured, tense and abnormally twitchy. The next day the same setup sounds just right from the get-go and is free from audible culprits you've noticed the other day. 24 hours later they're all there, again. Rinse and repeat for three weeks or so and that's pretty much exactly how my experience with introducing and removing the BlackGround went."

"Good days were those when these devices were connected to the mains and one BlackBody v2 and positioned near my DAC. The time they spent in their tiny cardboard coffins inside my car's trunk marked bad days. That's the simplest conclusion I have after having lived with LessLoss' latest conditioners for quite a while."

"it anchors a system's sound to make it more grounded and less shiny."

"this accessory did a lot"

"A whole extra tier of treble finesse"

LessLoss BlackGround DIY

"Just one proved enough to meaningfully amplify the shiny disc's performance in my room. That's why if I were a shopper interested in trying out today's product, my order would also include one BlackBody v2."

"This is one of the most potent accessories in the LessLoss portfolio right now and particularly surprising when paired with BlackBody v2."

Read the review here.

Product details here.


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