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NEW PRODUCT Announcement & Early Bird Special Offer!

Esteemed LessLoss Customers,

Now you are in for a real treat from LessLoss! A more concrete soundstage, living organic tone, a more laminar flow of phrases and time, epically long and intricate reverb tails, and a front row seat like you've never experienced before!

Relentlessly striving to bring you the most glorious sonic performance, we now offer you our new and improved Plug-and-Play C-MARCFirewall 64X power conditioner! This time it is really a huge deal, because we are actually presenting four upgraded features at one low price, all in one go!

LessLoss C-MARC Firewall

With international recognition by customers and reviewers alike, and snatching up no less than 7 awards within its first year, C-MARC™ has established itself as the most effective cable geometry for sensitive audio applications. Reviewers now use it to instantly dispel the skepticism of novice audio enthusiasts, music educators use it to demonstrate intricacies of stylistic musicianship, and musicians use it for electronic instruments and mastering recordings. Sven Boenicke of Boenicke Audio, creator of famed solid wood milled loudspeakers from Switzerland, has used it for his latest no-compromise classical music recordings and Serge Schmidlin of Audio Consulting, (arguably one of the most fanatical and exotic audio equipment designers in the world) uses it on his flagship level DACs, sources and loudspeakers. Other loudspeaker manufacturers from France are now implementing C-MARC™ in their best loudspeakers and there are other cable manufacturers from several countries now creating their newest lineups of cable products using C-MARC™ technology provided via B-to-B OEM contracts with LessLoss.

With this type of convincing performance, it is only logical that we pair this technology with the Firewall 64X power conditioner. But LessLoss doesn't do things the quick-and-easy way. We never upgrade only one aspect of a product and release a new version based only on that. That would be the standard method of big business aggression, making the mistake of watering down the value and jacking up the price. This can only lead to disappointment over the long run. On the contrary, this time we locked ourselves up in our R&D labs and didn't rest until we had no less than four strong upgrades to be truly proud about!

LessLoss C-MARC Firewall

This is a significant advance with no less than four major design improvements, all in one single product release:

#1. ⟶ C-MARC™ upgrade of flexible lead for the C13 plug! Significant performance benefits over standard multi-strand wire. The most natural sounding wire technology available today! It is identical to our hand braided C-MARC™ "super-cord" power cable, only shorter.

#2. ⟶ All three Firewall 64X elements now featuring polished copper rod surfaces for better exposure of the most sublime and meaningful sonic treasure!

#3. ⟶ Introduction of our in-house developed hard-cured transparent glazing to all three Firewall 64X elements for rock-solid imaging and more immediate damping via quicker micro-vibration transfer to the solid hardwood housing!

#4. ⟶ Introduction of our laser precision cut microvibration absorbing chuck within the transparent polycarbonate C13 plug. This skyrockets the already high performance C13 power plug in unprecedented ways: noise drops yet again to unbelievably low levels, revealing nuance and enchanting expression you hardly can imagine possible!

Retail Price of the new quadruple featured C-MARCFirewall 64X: 1272 USD

When you pre-order, basically, you are getting more than a C-MARC™ Power Cord segment FOR FREE and at the same time are ridding the last remnants of multi-stranded wire distortion from your audio chain! Over and above this obviously substantial benefit, there are the three aforementioned additional significant performance upgrades in the same package! The overall effect is substantially more mature on every level: tone quality, frequency extremes, silence of background, soundstage, expression, and mesmerizing beauty of music.


LessLoss C-MARC

Lead time.

We are starting a roster from the minute we receive the first order, and shall place every subsequent order thereafter in orderly fashion. Judging from past upgrades, the queue can form rapidly, so act now to avoid lead time. We are currently in stock of all necessary materials and indeed even as I type this are actively producing ship-ready stock.

Shipping, trial period, and money back guarantee.

As always, free international shipping via UPS courier with full tracking is included! Even with this Early Bird special pricing, you will enjoy the same money back guarantee and 30 day trial period we always honor. And you will be asked to send over your trade-in pieces only after receipt of the new products! This means that you will have zero down time and your system will always perform at its absolute best.

Contact me, Louis Motek, to receive your personalized offer.

My name is Louis Motek. We are here to help process your upgrade without delay. You will get a quick response and a meaningful conversation with succinct answers to your every query. For a limited time, combinations are also welcome. Act now, and no regrets! Share your ideas. We support every customer to make sure they get the best deal for their system. But you already know that! Just ask!

Drop me a line before you drop the needle — or lose the chance! This will surely have been the best switch you have ever made!

Louis Motek's email is:
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