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New Product Announcement: New Firewall Module for Self-installation and OEM Use!

LessLoss announces the new Firewall Module, the most versatile, cost-effective, and concentrated form of Skin-filtering technology to date. The Firewall Module is the most likely product in the audiophile world to finally bridge the gap between aspiration and reality!

What it's all about, and why we need the Firewall Module

As audio engineers and audiophiles, it is absolutely fundamental and important to keep in mind that there is no such thing as 'gear which improves sound quality.' Always and in all cases, we can only strive to achieve 'solutions which do less to worsen sound quality.' This means that upon introduction of some piece of gear, if we do in fact perceive sound quality improvements, it is because the introduced gear addresses something else in the system which is already faulty.

Today, the #1 fault in absolutely every sound recording studio, audiophile sound system, or public address system, is without question the condition of the power which runs the equipment. Let us never forget that the sound signals that we listen to and comprehend are comprised only of pure information. The carrier of that information to our ears, however, is the power provided to the system. We never want to listen to the power, but we need it in order to get to the information we seek.

In fact, any and all influence of the power upon the signal is distortion of the prized information. The whole aim of audio equipment design is to minimize, and in the best case, completely bar this interaction.

But today, worse than ever before, all power lines are already severely polluted with innumerable sources of information. The bandwidths involved in carrying electro-magnetic information are more crowded than ever before. Techniques are even being successfully developed for implementation of the bandwidth between microwaves and infrared light waves, known as the teraherz gap. We live and listen through a prism of electro-magnetic information overload.

The Firewall Module

LessLoss is happy to provide a viable solution. Beginning at only 178 USD, the new Firewall Module is a small, self-installable, highly effective solution to our existing problem. It is versatile in use, and will take us several steps further at once to overcome the information overloaded mains problem we must now live with.

The Firewall Module is easy to install using just an ordinary small screwdriver. It does not color the sound nor influence dynamic performance. It can be daisy chained in series to provide unlimited sound quality improvement, without introducing any detrimental artifacts of its own. We have arrived at the junction where we can finally condition the power without affecting the information carried by the signal.

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