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New product announcement: The new 5x Firewall module

Dear esteemed customers,

We have successfully established a new horizon of quality with the new 5x Firewall module, now available on our web shop for purchase or upgrade.

LessLoss Firewall module

Our very finest 5x Firewall module contains five Firewall modules in a special directional proximate relationship, resulting in sound quality which is even better than five single Firewall modules in series!

The price is calculated based on our existing Firewall module prices, with the base price of the single unit model at 410 USD, and with a 178 USD charge for each additional Firewall module. There is no additional fee for the increased labor involved. Thus, the price is established at 410 + (178 x 4) = 1122 USD.

We will honor every existing customer of the Firewall module a friendly upgrade opportunity. We will accept existing oakwood Firewall modules at full price for each upgraded 5x unit ordered. Many of you have taken advantage of our pre-order introductory special offer, meaning that with this deal you are actually making money off of your existing unit(s).

Please write me for your personal ordering code to take advantage of the upgrade offer. We are ready to deliver with a lead time of just a day or two.

The Firewall module now features a new C13 plug. It features gold plated contacts which are not bronze or brass, but double thickness pure copper from Japan. Electrical contact pressure is extremely strong for rock solid sound and superb physical grip. The hard, clear housing does not color the sound. These are cryogenically treated in a specialty lab under the auspices of LessLoss Audio for especially smooth, natural sonic performance.

We look forward to serving you with our latest and greatest 5x Firewall module!


Louis Motek  |