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New Product Announcement: USB Firewall Key Enhancer, pre-order now and get a great price!

Dear esteemed customers,

I'm happy to announce to you today the opportunity to get a great price on the new USB Firewall Key Enhancer. It is a beautiful bog oak performance expansion to the USB Firewall Key (available at 385 USD straight from the LessLoss web shop). Using the new USB Firewall Key Enhancer, you'll get more sublime performance from your USB interface than ever before! Read on to learn more about how to use this new product.

Companion to the USB Firewall Key

The USB Firewall Key strips off unwanted information from the interface between any computer and USB DAC. It does this as effectively as possible without introducing coloration into the sound. In our endeavors, any sensed coloration is unwanted and ultimately forms a bottleneck in terms of the performance ultimately attainable. The use of Bog Oak as enclosure material goes a long way in order to ensure that the sound be as neutral as possible. Believe me, as we tested at least some 15 candidates.

LessLoss USB Firewall Key
(USB Firewall Key featuring Bog Wood enclosure)

The USB Firewall Key in Action

Installing the USB Firewall Key is a snap. One simply inserts it between one's computer and one's USB DAC, anywhere along the line. Powering down is not necessary. It can be inserted directly into the computer's USB port or between two USB cables should one want a more flexible setup. The USB Firewall Key in no way interferes with the data stream used for audio. No additional drivers are installed and your DAC functions exactly as it did before, only now at a higher level of performance due to the lower noise which it receives through the USB cable from the noisy computer source.

LessLoss USB Firewall Key
(USB Firewall Key plugged into computer source)


People tried out the USB Firewall Key and wrote back saying things like:

"When the USB Firewall Key is used in conjunction with our iMac - Devialet 400 connection, the sound improved, primarily this was noticed in the bass. The soundstage became really holographic, and the cymbals were so believable, you could just reach out and touch them."

"more depth to the instruments and music in total"

"The noise floor went lower exposing more details, more ambiance cues, more depth to the sound and a 3D feeling to it. The music became richer and not just flat rich, but 3D rich. You could hear more into the recording and get the feeling of the recording place. More live-like, realistic, natural, more presence and much more engaging."

"It has made a significant improvement to the sound with better definition and clarity."

"Everything seems totally clear and really unbelievable better."

Further expansion

It is possible to get even better results by daisy chaining two or even three USB Firewall Keys together, as follows:

LessLoss USB Firewall Key
(Three USB Firewall Keys connected in series)

This is made additionally attractive through our quantity discount policy. When you order 2 or 3 units, you get 5% off. For four or more units you automatically get 10% off on the lot. The results here are more of the same as described above. The sound becomes less and less artificial and flows more and more naturally. After accustomed listening to the system in the above scenario, removing the USB Firewall Keys comes as a sonic thinning to such an extent as to sound artificial and cold. The former life, breadth and depth of the sonics now become tinny and lifeless. We are back to standard computer audio and it is not inspiring to carry out prolonged listening.

What about more?

Can we use four?

LessLoss USB Firewall Key
(Four USB Firewall Keys)

Now, yes!

LessLoss does not recommend using more than three USB Firewall Keys in series because, from a total of four units in series, we begin to perceive the first inklings of coloration in the sound. All of the beauty of the effect of two or three USB Firewall Keys remains, and is even enhanced, but this time at a small price in terms of coloration. The slight coloration limits what we can achieve in terms of ultimate clarity and high performance, and represents our first USB performance bottleneck. But we can now remove this bottleneck and bring USB to deeper, even more convincing performance levels with this new USB Firewall Key Enhancer, made available through months of hard work and dedication by the LessLoss team.

The USB Firewall Key Enhancer is here!

With the new USB Firewall Enhancer, we get more quality from USB than ever before.

LessLoss USB Firewall Key

It consists of two parts: first a splitter (into 4 USB outputs), and then a combiner (back to one output). Four USB Firewall Keys are connected between them. Connection is simple as there is only one possible way to connect all the parts. And that way is the very best way. With this solution, four USB Firewall Keys now outperform what even a series of ten or even twelve units could not accomplish before. The bottleneck is removed and we have a new level of seemingly limitless silence on which the music takes on a more 3D and flowing character. The stream of time is now more analogue, and contains even less spurious information, revealing more about the recorded music. Many more details of known musical passages are revealed. Often, one forgets one is listening to a mere computer source. It is that convincing.

Below is another snapshot, this time showing the input end. The whole assembly is about the size of one of the easier Rachmaninoff chords. But now you will easily be able to clearly discern each of the constituent notes!

LessLoss USB Firewall Key

Here is a third snapshot, this time showing the inner USB sockets on both parts, which accept the four individual USB Firewall Keys (sold separately).

LessLoss USB Firewall Key

Depending on your setup, you will probably want to use two USB cables. One will go from your computer source to the USB Firewall Key Enhancer assembly, and the other will take the USB signal from there to the USB DAC. Due to the weight of the solid Bog Oak, you will not want to dangle this assembly. You will want to have a prepared flat surface about the size of an outstretched hand in order to place the assembly down. Once assembled, consider this assembly of four USB Firewall Keys plus Enhancer a stand-alone peripheral device of its own.

In action

You don't have to, but you can, connect it directly to the USB port of a computer. In this case, a MacBook Air is perfectly situated in height to mate with the Enhancer and USB Firewall Keys which lie on the same surface as the laptop. Every computer model is different, so it is better to plan on using two USB cables. They need not be very exotic. The USB Firewall Key technology is truly that effective!

LessLoss USB Firewall Key


Price for the USB Firewall Key Enhancer (splitter and combiner come always together as a pair) is set at 448 USD. In other words, 448 USD gets you all you need to connect four USB Firewall Keys in this best configuration. USB Firewall Keys are sold separately.

Thank you for supporting us and helping us take USB audio to the next level. I hope to hear from you soon!

Louis Motek  |