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New product launch! 14 days to get FREE Blackbodies v.2!

Dear esteemed Customers,

We are all set up and ready to launch the new Blackbody v.2!

LessLoss Blackbody v2

For 14 days, starting now, you will have the opportunity to get FREE Blackbodies as follows:

Buy 4 — get 1 FREE!
Buy 8 — get 2 FREE!
Buy 12 — get 3 FREE!

This introductory Early Bird Offer ends as soon as the counter runs out.

Counter is here

We have written this 8-page essay about the thinking, the trials and tribulations, and all the theory that went into the development and honing of this solution to its final status as high end audio accessory. Read it in detail to appreciate this device.

To further appreciate the Blackbody v.2, see the recent 6moons review of their "unusual sensory experience."

All FAQ's are here.

Click here to take advantage of this time-limited Early Bird offer to wind up with FREE Blackbodies!

LessLoss Blackbody v2


Louis Motek |