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New Review of Echo's End Reference DAC on 6moons

Dear Esteemed Customers,

Just published is the latest review of the Echo's End Reference digital to analogue converter on 6moons.
LessLoss Reference DAC
"everything hangs together like one breathing organism" - 6moons

LessLoss Reference DAC

"Audiophilia's pursuit for more liquidity, generosity or humanity is very common. It's typical counterpoint to ever-increasing resolution and the related obsession with more detail. Whenever reviewers describe an exceptionally lucid component but want to distinguish it from aloof pornographic explicitness, they add words like humane or organic."

"More so than any other DAC in recent memory, this Panzerholz-clad converter from Lithuania had that quality in spades."

LessLoss Reference DAC

"If your current system seems to you shy on tonal moisture, textural elasticity and general connective tissue–if everything is very clear but feels strangely 'apart' without that certain ne sais quo whereby everything hangs together like one big breathing organism–the Echo's End Reference should be a very strong contender."

LessLoss Reference DAC

"If to you digital seems like an endless parade of near sameness disguised behind escalating specs and claims to the contrary, the LessLoss Reference DAC stands out as being unapologetically different."

Echo's End Reference Edition

  • Built from solid German Panzerholz
  • Grounded custom carbon fiber transformer shroud
  • Cryogenically treated, solid copper, gold plated power inlet
  • Most precise resistors available
  • Dual power supplies, dual Soekris boards, reprogrammed for dual mono configuration
  • XLR output derived from four mono channels of resistor ladders (output buffering schematics bypassed)
  • LessLoss special custom S/PDIF - I2S conversion schematic
  • LessLoss controlled automatic digital input selection (Soekris boards receive only I2S)
  • LessLoss 3.3V generation for internal I2S (USB 5V supply discarded)
  • All floating bolts point-to-point star grounded
  • New integrated Firewall 64X technology (6 units implemented here)
  • C-MARC™ internal hook-up wire
  • DSD (2x) ready over USB
  • Plays up to 192 kHz sampling rate PCM data
The final touch

All Echo's End Reference DACs will include this high precision, hand made custom brass plaque!

LessLoss Reference DAC

​Hand made from solid brass by a local master engraver, this plaque adds the finishing touch.

LessLoss Reference DAC

Welded brass bolts on the back side guarantee a solid, vibration-free fixation to the Panzerholz. The plaque will be fixed to the front of the unit.

LessLoss Reference DAC

​Meet Vytis, the master engraver whose meticulous work is carried out with honor and dedication. His pride of craftsmanship echoes the dedication of work we have put into the creation of the Echo's End Reference DAC.

LessLoss Reference DAC

Upgrade option

LessLoss is offering an upgrade option for owners of the Echo's End Original. Please write to Louis Motek on [email protected] for more information.

LessLoss Reference DAC

New high resolution images

Many new high resolution images have been posted on our web site. Come take a look at our latest creation.

LessLoss Reference DAC
Best regards,

Louis Motek |