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New Reviews of Echo's End and Laminar Streamer; Resetting the clock on C-MARC™

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Six Moons reviews LessLoss products reviews Echo's End DAC and Laminar Streamer SD Card Source

LessLoss Echos End

"The new LessLoss DAC should be on your list."

"The Echo's End had the most distinctive easily grasped gestalt ..."

"Whilst it didn't sound like tubes, it felt like them. Whilst I fed it pure PCM, it behaved like deep DSD."

"Not sounding but feeling like tubes meant textural fluidity with plenty of connective tissue but no response liberties or THD seasoning. Behaving like DSD meant sweeter, more elastic and texturally softer than standard CD sound, with more overt ambient recovery."

"Deep DSD indicates that the LessLoss went beyond the Lindemann's actual resampling. It expressed the same flavour but did so at categorically higher potency; in pure PCM no less."

"Longest ever decays from digital?"

"What the listener can tell regardless is that it works; and very plainly so."

"A vital qualifier was how such pervasive gentility–that softer more organic approach–didn't come at the expense of vividness. ... The musical gestalt didn't collapse."

"Muscle tone was that of an upright not supine body. This was key. Its softness was more on the surface. It didn't impact the core of musical tension. Incidentally, that's been a personal complaint with DSD converters of the über-alles or resampling kind. They all bled out some caffeine and put a minor damper on the musical adrenaline. The Echo's End did not. It did all the other DSD things and at a very good clip but not that one."

"Should your own tastes overlap–of wanting the pretty, nubile and spacious aspects of DSD but not its reduced verve– this LessLoss just might have your number. In an ocean of generics, having such a distinctive calling card is a useful advantage."

LessLoss Laminar Streamer

"I feel privileged to have experienced the Laminar Streamer's sonic achievements."

"Streaming the laminar way, music felt juicier and calmer at the same time. This was particularly keen on overcooked nervous jittery productions with their tense hype and sizzle. Now those had elegance and mellifluousness. They were on song according to the bel canto definition."

"The primary taste is of greater calm; as though time ran slower. This makes the listener more settled and poised."

"Intermixed aspects are a removal of very fine metallic grit in transients and overtones; and wetter ambiance."

"It's only by going back and forth, with/without, that one inspects why the experience differs. That's when the disappearance of faint glittery upper-mid/treble grit gets checked off; when more specific spatial sensations get translated into heightened contrast; and as a result of that and intangibles, why the overriding quality is greater calm. Here team LessLoss are undeniably on to something. DACs seem to be even more susceptible to how their digital data arrive than we suspected. Many of the gestalt-based complaints which audiophiles try to address with sundry hardware changes seem to have their roots here, at the very beginning."

"True, the Laminar Streamer did sit at this peak with the finest resolve of ambiance and focus for spatial mapping."

LessLoss Laminar Streamer

"The combination of Laminar Streamer and Echo's End spelled o-r-g-a-n-i-c and l-e-g-a-t-o in capital letters. Without losing any substance, music manifested less solid, staid and straight-jacketed. It felt more suspended, afloat and breathing. To visualize, think blooming ink blots on wet watercolour paper, albeit in 3D. That's your counterpoint for edge-limned silhouettes in a shadow play. That and the silky textural 'suede' softness were key. They walked hand in hand with greater calm."

"This calm had a very different living oxygenated quality to it."

"If what I described tracks your taste, the new LessLoss DAC should be on your list."

"Someone in Lithuania burns the midnight oil; at the very extreme high-end, in the middle and below; and not on the same old same old. Innovation rules!"

Read the entire review on 6moons here.

LessLoss Laminar Streamer

Resetting the clock on C-MARC™'s release

So, where do we stand with the new C-MARC™ wire and cables?

LessLoss C-Marc

The cables are being manufactured as I write this. Because the cables are so complex, it involves many steps in the delicate braiding process. We received news from the braiding company that the finished material will be dispatched to us at or before the end of March. Then we will ship the material to the cryogenic treatment laboratory. That process takes three days but must be timed to ensure they have enough room in their special refrigerator for our order. Together with shipping there and back, we should count about two weeks. So we will begin manufacturing the C-MARC™ cables around the first or second week of April. We will manufacture them in the order in which the pre-orders were received.

It may be possible to send out some of the very first orders soon but we are sure to run out of materials before shipping out any large quantity of pre-ordered C-MARC™ cables.

Ordering page

We are actively working on the beautiful video presentation of C-MARC™ and on our new C-MARC™ ordering pages which should go live in about two weeks from now. Right when they go live, I will be in touch with everyone who pre-ordered to help you along with the cashing in of however many credits you'd like to use when placing your concrete cable orders.

Thank you for your patience as this process of manufacturing such a high performance product is quite a long one. Your patience will be greatly rewarded with years of enjoyment!

LessLoss C-Marc

You can still get Early Bird pre-order credits. Reminder: you can use credits you purchase now for anything on the whole web shop for a full year. Great savings across the board!

LessLoss C-Marc

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