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New website; new Laminar Streamer data and pictures

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Laminar Streamer News

The all-new Laminar Streamer finally solves the problem of digital audio harshness by using only a single clock source for the formation of the pristine digital audio stream. Although the device plays .wav and .aiff files off of SD cards, LessLoss did not incorporate the use of Windows, MAC OS, or Linux for its operating system. Instead, from ground up, a dedicated audiophile operating system was built, streamlined for the specialized task of serving the topmost quality data while avoiding jitter. Unlike any other computer audio playback system, the Laminar Streamer's operating system runs synchronously at the audio sampling rate via the very same high quality audio clock used for the formation of the audio data stream. Thus, a new level of quality is achieved in digital playback, previously unattainable due to the inherent complexity of running an OS clock and an audio clock separately. The intricacies of asynchronous re-clocking, buffering, and jitter reduction have been solved at their very source, a world first for digital audio!

LessLoss Laminar Streamer

Laminar Streamer features include:

- Plays any .wav or .aiff file from any FAT32 formatted SD card. About the size of a postage stamp, a Secure Digital High-Capacity (SDHC) card is a flash memory device that can hold between 4 and 32 gigabytes (GB) of data. These cards are a form of removable memory that can be used with many different digital devices, including camcorders and computers.

- Plays any standard sampling rate files, from 44.1 kHz through 192 kHz files

- Plays 16 or 24 bit files at any standard sampling rate

- Instantly recognizes the SD card. Boot time is less than 0.1 seconds. Nothing to configure, ever. No buffering, synchronicity, latency, or compatibility issues, ever. Nor viruses. Just plug and play the perfect audiophile stream, and keep your pristine audio off the noisy grid.

- Small screen displays folder names, file names, sampling rates, absolute phase polarity, playback mode, and time.

- On-the-fly 100% digital realm absolute phase polarity switching during playback.

- in Pure Laminar Mode: screen data, position monitoring, and back-light are all turned off.

- Optically decoupled expansion port for future remote control functionality without introducing any EM interference to the subtle audio streaming process.

- S/PDIF output on RCA

- AES/EBU output on XLR

- I2S output on 5-pin connector

- Price: to be announced

LessLoss Laminar Streamer


Great design celebrates the interplay between form, proportion, and function. At its core, the Laminar Streamer project could be described as a thorough execution of a fundamentally simple concept. Both its function and its appearance echo this same line of thought.

Digital music is often misleadingly described as brittle and edgy. This false accusation grew out of ubiquitous lackluster execution, both of electronic design, and of the related art of enclosure design. This dichotomy of 'electronics' and 'box' has remained an impediment to digital music's ultimate performance.

The Laminar Streamer manifests the very opposite — its oblique angles, organic flow of circular curves and overall sculpturesque form symbolizes the nature-like laminar flow of music, but not only to the eye. Its intricately positioned, interweaving, almost dancing curves form an organically shaped, yet simple, silhouette from any vantage point. This also holds true for internal vibration, from any angle of incidence.

LessLoss Laminar Streamer

Even though the Laminar Streamer serves digital data, it speaks the language of analogue, non-turbulent flow of fluids. The Laminar Streamer embraces emotional simplicity.

Laminar Streamer SD Player

New York Audio Show, April 2013

New York Audio Show

Don't miss us at the New York Audio Show at the New York Palace hotel in The Henry suite, April 12-14, 2013.

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