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Newsletter May 28

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for your business with LessLoss. It has been a great joy to develop and offer this hand-made power cord for people who are open to try something new and place their trust in what little information they could find about this unique product. I am deeply grateful to you for your support and wish you many years of enjoyment with your new sound. The organic nature of music and the relaxation we all want while enjoying our sound remains paramount to the effort that LessLoss puts into all product development. This is more than dedication to a management philosophy. This is devotion to the very striving which all audiophile culture is about. It is a joy to see such positive feedback as has recently appeared on AudiogoN.

Something went wrong, though. AudiogoN has now banned all further reviews of the LessLoss power cord. They did not even write to us about this. I found out only because our clients were complaining to us that their comments were not getting posted. So I figured "server glitch" or else "somebody's on vacation at AudiogoN." Turns out everything's working at AudiogoN, and that is their policy. I guess LessLoss has grown out of AudiogoN's frame of mind, then.

In this context, and on a more joyful note, I'd like to announce the opening of the LessLoss online shop. Here it is:

It is easier to purchase online now. I remain available for any questions or suggestions via email.

There is provision for you to voice your opinions there, and I invite you to post anything you want there. Enjoy visiting as we develop new products in the future.

You'll see there is a LessLoss Firewall Power Filter in the works. News about this shall be posted at the LessLoss shop as it is made public.

However, if you prefer, you may choose to opt in to our newsletter. This can be done at the shop as well. We will then add you to our mailing list and continue to inform you by email when we have new developments. Often, newsletters are just ads. We will not send you anything unless it is of significant value, a change in policy, or a new product. I respect your time and never would I wish to see LessLoss email filed into an anti-spam folder...

So, Cheers to you all and have a great day!
Louis Motek (Liudas)