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Our best LessLoss Customers win coveted Press Award!

Dear esteemed Customers,

Congratulations go out to all of YOU who embraced the new Firewall for Loudspeakers product launch and helped fund its initial production runs. Through your trust and patience, you have enabled us to realize the fulfillment of having garnered you this REWARD!

LessLoss 6moons Award

Recently published in a review of the LessLoss Firewall for Loudspeakers:

LessLoss 6moons Award

6moons: "Firewall for Loudspeakers on par with or eclipse good power conditioning." Blue Moon Award.

Published March, 2020 by author and publisher Srajan Ebaen

Some extracts:

"These will be here to stay."

"More density, color, spatial connectivity, fullness, suavity."

"And these gains require no golden ears to hear or flash gear to bring to life. They're instant and easily repeatable even on simpler hardware."

"These 'tweaks' were a surefire very predictable thing. Doing without meant shrinkage of space, dimming of colors, shedding of weight. It was an obviously smaller flatter less developed sound. It was more mechanical, edgy, rigid and pale."

"The vast majority of hifi systems will benefit loudly and clearly."

"Most any loudspeaker ever made needs a set of these."

"[They are] mind benders and voodoo ballistics."

"Its benefits are on part with or eclipse good power conditioning."

"Thinking on a suitable award caption, it struck me. The ideal go-faster car modification would be a genuine bolt-on. It'd require no visit to a garage or automotive tweak shop. Car owners could do it for themselves. The before/after improvements would sell themselves. Any car would benefit. That's exactly what today's invention is for loudspeakers."

"Guaranteeing that you've never heard anything like it is easy. There hasn't been anything like it. Until now."

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