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Pre-launch of the new BlackGround web page! Open now!

Dear esteemed clients,

LessLoss BlackGround

In about 7 days we will launch the Early Bird special pricing for the new BlackGround product. The discounts will be generous and will scale with quantity, so you will soon be able to snatch up multiple units for free!

You can now learn all about the BlackGround's many applications and use cases. We are not entirely finished polishing up all the graphics art, but all the information is there already and you can now acquaint yourself with all the uses for this great gem!

Click on the image below to go to the new BlackGround page:

LessLoss BlackGround

Even before LessLoss comes around to implementing this great new technology into future plug-and-play products, such as our pending mono block amplifier called New Horizons, you can already build all manner of absolutely fabulous tweaks and upgrades for yourself, at only a fraction of the cost!

The "Elevator Pitch"

In a nutshell, everything the Blackbody does for the ambient field surrounding a system, the BlackGround does in spades for any voltage existing anywhere in the system. Learn more about it. The Launch will not go on forever, so take advantage of the time available now, prior to the Early Bird Special, to discover everything you can do!


Louis Motek |