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Production update on the BlackGround 10x Power Base and info on upcoming products!

Dear esteemed clients,

Production situation update

We had to await our place in the roster at the enclosure milling company, and when our turn came up, it turns out they ordered the wrong wood! So now we are looking at Tuesday to get the enclosures milled. Another day, another issue. But we will get there! Thank you sincerely for your patience.

Trumpet-like terminals for grounding / speaker signal connections

What I can show you is how nice the custom terminals for all inter-device grounding and speaker signal connections will look.

They will be tapered off on the inside at the opening similar to a piccolo trumpet bell (very piccolo indeed...)

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

They will be protruding out of the polished, lacquered wood enclosure about 5mm at the back.

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

They are polished here in the picture but in final run production they will be polished to an even higher degree.

These terminals will accept bananas.

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

This way you can connect all manner of BlackGround pending devices to the 10x Power Base to avoid needing any more than a single power cord for them all.

The banana slides in like silk!

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

Since we don't yet have the enclosures themselves, I can't show, but the Echo's End Original DAC has the exact same polished and lacquered appearance, so here's a picture which shows you how nice this will look together:

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

Here's another angle:

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

To ensure most effective micro-vibration absorption, these will be tightly mated along almost the entire metallic cylinder directly with the wooden enclosure's wall, which is some 25mm thick (about 1 inch).

LessLoss BlackGround 10x Power Base

While waiting for the enclosures, I thought I'd take this opportunity to describe what else is planned with the BlackGround in the near future. This will also help explain why need to make a lot of these nice terminals!

BlackGround 8x stereo and 10x mono plug-and-play versions for speakers!

We plan on releasing, in the same form factor and materials, a finished plug-and-play version for speaker signals. in fact, two versions in the case of speakers:

BlackGround 8x Stereo Speaker Base

and also, a two-chassis version:

BlackGround 10x Mono Speaker Base.

(The exact names might still change, but this is the general idea).

Now about the single chassis stereo version

In the one-chassis stereo version, BlackGrounds will be doubled on each polarity for each of two stereo channels, so that means there will be:

2 BlackGrounds on Left channel Positive
2 BlackGrounds on Left channel Negative
2 BlackGrounds on Right channel Positive
2 BlackGrounds on Right channel Negative

This totals 8 BlackGrounds onboard. (If we ramped it up to three per polarity we'd need 12 total and these would no longer fit within.)

So, then we need a mono version, too!

We'll release two versions! We'll make a mono channel version which will house 10 BlackGrounds within a single enclosure, so in this mono version there will be 5 BlackGrounds on Positive and 5 on Negative. The user would then use two such units, one for Left channel and one for Right channel. This will be immaculate!

So, how many of these contact posts do we need?

The stereo version (8 BlackGrounds total) will have four input posts for cables coming from the speaker line (user can connect these either amp end or speaker end). Amp end would probably be neater since the speaker signal tapping cables could likely be far shorter.

The mono version (10 BlackGrounds total) would have just two of these polished input posts.

Additional grounding posts

In addition to the signal posts mentioned above, an elegant connection possibility shall be foreseen for the requisite ground connection. One can bridge ground between these Speaker BlackGround units together from the 10x Power Base using a simple short grounding cable with banana terminations. This way, additional power cords just for the ground connections on these Speaker BlackGround devices would not even be needed. We will of course include the power inlet just in case one wants to ground it through there instead.

So, assuming the user already has the 10x Power Base, (Ground already being connected via its power cord), one could use its shiny trumpet-like ground post to feed ground potential into either the stereo speaker BlackGround version or into the Left and from there into the Right mono speaker BlackGround version. If these units are stacked neatly one above the other, these grounding cables could be elegant short U-shaped connections. Neat, tidy, and elegant! It would also keep costs down.

Power inlet always present

Nevertheless, all of these units will come supplied with power cord inlets so one could always use any standard power cord for the ground tapping purpose. The Live and Neutral pins will only be connected internally on the 10x Power Base. The Speaker versions will only have the Ground pin of the power inlet connected internally.

A great loyalty deal you don't want to miss!

In an effort to cater to those adopting our most advanced technologies, please note:

Anyone who pre-orders the BlackGround 10x Power Base during our Early Bird launch will be offered preferential pricing on the pending BlackGround 8x and 10x Speaker Base products! This goes over and above Early Bird discounts which will also apply to future BlackGround plug-and-play products, so please keep this in mind! Customer loyalty is high on our priorities list here at LessLoss. Thank you for your trust and early adoption of our best.


We'll make this (these!) units just as soon as we can. But for now we want to first release the 10x Power Base, as that is really where everyone should definitely start. I cannot emphasise this enough. Power is always most fundamental to everything else. You will get an extremely evident sonic boost in terms of deep clarity and beautiful tonal colours both from the 10x Power Base, and from the Speaker ones, and in each case the sonic benefits will be unexpectedly exceptional. However we maintain that power quality is most fundamental, so please start there for the most evident improvements.

The logic behind this

We made a short informational video about this very topic. Please, take the 5 minutes and have a look/listen:

LessLoss Power is the most fundamental


Louis Motek |