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Progress Report on Firewall module production & New Product Proposal!

Dear esteemed customers,

That time has come. As promised, here's a short note to announce that we have received our nice oakwood! Here are pictures of the current condition of your future oakwood encased Firewall Modules, as of yesterday!

LessLoss Firewall

LessLoss Firewall

LessLoss Firewall

LessLoss Firewall

On the schedule and further prognosis

One of our production partners is particularly careful about promising concrete dates, since their own workflow and roster changes somewhat on the fly, pretty much constantly, and we ourselves still don't know exactly what day our raw Firewall modules will touch local soil. These are needed locally before we can get a further production date from said production partner. They will be galvanically treating our modules, and in this case our product is but a small fish in their big industrial system of electroplating ponds. So we have to adhere to their production schedule, not they to ours. Probably right around Nov. 1st, possibly some days before then, we should be able to give them the parts. As always, as soon as I know more, I will definitely inform you.

But we do have a lot to do before then to ready ourselves for the arrival of the milled wooden enclosures. Now that the wood has presently arrived at the milling station, the wait will no longer be long. We have already begun preparing some of the C13 connector ends (Regular Type). See below pictures for a small "warm-up" batch we worked through on Monday and Tuesday, to establish process and workflow for maximum efficiency.

LessLoss Firewall

LessLoss Firewall

LessLoss Firewall

LessLoss Firewall

Ok, I know, we're no Foxconn Technology Group, but at least you know what's going on!

Results of the recent USB DAC questionnaire

Thank you for answering our question two Newsletters ago about your use of any USB DAC you may own. It turns out a LOT of you do. We have an idea to seriously upgrade the performance of any USB DAC on the market, in a highly efficient way. Turns out the 5V coming off the computer to run (even if only a portion) the DAC through the USB cable can be wildly upgraded, to the point where it can actually revolutionize the performance of the whole USB-based system. This involves...

Our new idea for a USB Firewall!

That's right. A small miniature-sized Firewall based on our newest Firewall technology with USB Type A input (male) and output (female). The device would be hardly the size of a lighter and would plug straight into the computer's USB port. Then you plug your USB cable into the Firewall's female port instead of the computer's. The device will be slightly larger than your average USB memory stick. It would not so little as touch the data streaming signal, but would severely and instantaneously strip the 5V and ground connections of any spurious information (which is nothing but noise). Thus, the DAC will receive pristine power suited for audiophile performance, even if your computer is busy doing everything else it does (internet, screen calculations, animations, and everything else that is always going on on any modern motherboard).

Why this is big

This development is exciting because we believe that, until now, USB was not suited for high performance audio. Our opinion has now changed. It took the application of our Firewall technology on the USB interface to convince us. We are sure it will be of immense value to you in your listening experience, too.

Price still pending, but will not be high. Based on the positive response of the "Kickstarter" style promotion of the mains power 120V/230V Firewall module so far, this exact same type of promotion is now under serious consideration for the new USB Firewall as well.

We might even make it yet more aggressive. For example, offering the first 40 or 50 units at even better conditions, or adding a clause with dates and a pricing timetable. You know how they say "Make me an offer I can't refuse?" That would be the idea. That would exactly be the idea.

More to come later. At this point the following is very clear to me: when we ourselves get this excited about a new product, it is so easy to share the news with you. It's actually a pure pleasure.

Now, I ask you to please answer this simple question so we could plan our activity. (Please answer simply by clicking on your reply, below):

Assuming I can easily afford the new USB Firewall module, would I get one?

Yes, one.
Yes, two, because I trust LessLoss by now.
Yes, several, because I'll just sell off the ones I won't be needing.
No, but thanks for offering. I don't need it.

That's all we need for now! Thanks for your feedback! Stay tuned for more as production on this truly great tool develops.

Louis Motek  |