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Publisher's Choice Award / Firewall Progress Report

Dear Audiophiles,

The Blackbody is announced Most Wanted Component of 2010

I am pleased to announce that the LessLoss Blackbody has been awarded the 2010 Stereo Times Publisher's Choice Award (Russell Lichter, Clement Perry, Moreno Mitchell).

Firewall production underway

We present to you some "behind the scenes" pictures of the early production stages for the Firewall. Enjoy!

Pigments, glues, and other toxic fluids used in the woodworking facilities.

The dense Tankwood layers being prepared for gluing into blocks.

The special glue must be carefully applied and is very toxic. Tankwood has almost no pores to speak of.

Many tons of pressure guarantee stability of the Panzerholz structure during the lengthy settling process.

An oven for further stabilizing wood.

Some pictures of the machinery needed to guarantee precision and accuracy of workmanship.

Highly precise cutting station.

Tankwood is more dense than water. Blade wear is a constant issue when working with this material.

The Tankwood is cut at a precise angle...

...thus, revealing the beauty of the high pressure applied to the natural wood fibers.

Very high tech cutting station. (He is not pressing "undo", it is not yet that high-tech...)

Automatic tool carousel.

More equipment.

More to follow as we make more progress. Thank you for your patience.

Louis Motek
LessLoss Audio