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Record-breaking pre-orders of the new Firewall 64X!

Dear Esteemed Customers,

I'd like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has helped us kick-stark the new Firewall 64X! Your pre-orders at Early Bird pricing have financed what is easily our highest volume project to date!

LessLoss Firewall 64X

Where we are in the process

With high volume come unavoidable lead times. Just yesterday, we shipped out orders #3136, 3137, 3138, 3139, 3169, 3147, 3151, 3152, 3153, 3154, 3156, 3157, 3158, 3159, 3160 and 3166. It takes us about 3-4 long work days to build and prepare for shipping that number of orders. Armed with this information, you can easily look at your own order number for an assessment as to how long your own lead time is likely to be.

Thank you for your patience and continued support! Your patience in return for the Early Bird price is greatly appreciated.

Firewall 64X public reviews are appearing!

Meanwhile, some first reviews have already surfaced! People are saying:

— The resulting sonic performance is striking. The noise floor is extremely low with a background that is pitch black. The perspective and depth is very clear and pronounced. Texture and micro-details at all frequencies are coming through with wonderful resolution. In short, music is being played with great emotional impact.

— In my opinion, there is no other part of a HiFi system that can be improved as much, with the limited cost involved.

— The FW64x unleashed the music, beside being more quiet, cleaner, smoother, flow easier, it is more real sounding and let the energy of the music flow with what seems to be with no restriction.

— It extends both sides of the frequency range, making the bass goes deeper and fuller and the highs, well, higher, with lovely sparkle to them.

— There is a better grip of the music and more presence.

— Much more emotional involvement.

— It is more dynamic.

— It is not a slight improvement.

— The noise floor dropped a lot which becomes most obvious if one listens to how a note decays. Now I can hear how piano but also other instruments decay and fade (and even subtle tonal changes during the decay).

— I was therefore not prepared for the jaw-dropping sounds I heard after installing the new 64X Firewalls which had undergone only 15 hours of incomplete burn-in.

— I was simply astounded by the fluidity and ease of the flow of sound against a very black and silent background while the top-end sounded sweet and clear with no harshness and bass was superbly natural without any ‘boominess’. Everything sounded alive and dynamic yet natural with great depth, wider extension of both ends of the audio spectrum, spatial orientation and soundstage.

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LessLoss Firewall 64X

And now... the really big news: LessLoss Vacation Plans

We are working very hard to keep everyone's lead time as short as possible. No vacation for us!

Can one still get the Early Bird Pricing?

Yes. Write to Louis Motek on [email protected] for more info and get yourself the best deal fine audio connoisseurs have ever enjoyed!

Best regards,

Louis Motek |