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Short status report on Firewall modules

Dear esteemed customers,

Yesterday we visited with the factory which is now in possession of our full run of Firewall modules. They need to carry out some procedures on them before we can prepare them for shipping. Their operation is very large, and we present our job to them as little fish. They carry out their jobs in cyclical fashion, organizing labor and equipment to run efficiently for large jobs. We need to wait for them presently, because we are in no position to restructure their work schedule. Indeed, we do not have the leverage to do so. They said they would be engaged "some time next week" with our procedure. This is the best information I can share with you now.

I assure you that we will ship just as soon as we can. But for now it is a waiting game for all of us. Thank you for your patience throughout the manufacturing procedure. It is a pleasure to deal with such a mature audience, and I hope to have not disappointed anyone. We are trying very hard to make sure we are fully prepared for the arrival of the readied Firewall modules in our facilities.

We are also working on a very nice new video clip, to show you how we've been oiling the oakwood cases by hand. I'll share that with you in just a few days.

Louis Motek  |