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Skin-Filtering Explained, Recording Studios Discover LessLoss

Hello everyone,

A short note this time to present 3 new items of interest:

Skin-Filtering Explained

We are trying our hardest to demystify high performance power cables' operating principle. In this new web page, we provide the most simple explanation yet, which shows not only how our technology works, but why it works.

LessLoss Acknowledged by Recording Professionals

Our Skin-filtering technology is so effective that more and more recording professionals are taking interest. We installed an entire power supply system to a studio boasting some of the world's top tier recording gear. This is our second such ambitious project, with more to come in the future.

Laminar Streamer Update

We have now come to the point where we've implemented firmware update functionality through the SD card itself. This means that if ever a bug is found and fixed, every user will be able to get the latest version of our Laminar Streamer firmware for free in just a few seconds via web download on their home computers. Then, it will be simply a matter of putting that on an SD card and inserting it into the Laminar Streamer.

Design work continues...

Have a great day,
Louis Motek
LessLoss Audio