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Some updates on BlackGround

Dear esteemed clients,

There are currently about four days remaining on our launch clock.

LessLoss BlackGround

However, due to some delays with the initial milling of the BlackGround 10x Power Base, we may find ourselves in the position where we'll extend the timer. We hope to soon show the actual device and enable Early Bird purchase of it along with the BlackGround for individual purchase, including the Early Bird discount and availability of acquiring free units.

Jumpers are live!

We have enabled the purchase of specialty Jumpers ready made for shortest possible interconnection of BlackGrounds. They are low priced at 12 USD per unit. They come in white and black.

LessLoss BlackGround

We have received the custom padding we ordered for the BlackGround units. They will travel to you protected like this:

LessLoss BlackGround

LessLoss BlackGround

Presently we are still awaiting labels for the boxes. We should have these on Monday, so if everything goes according to plan, we should begin shipping on Tuesday!

Don't miss this limited opportunity to get discounted BlackGrounds as well as free units for multiple unit orders.


Louis Motek |