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The C-MARC™ Firewall 640x upgrade offer: Flood gates to open within some 48-72 hours!

Dear esteemed Customers,

We are in a position to finalize the launch of the new award-winning Firewall 640x, completing the final step to our product launch master plan. Coming soon, we'll be announcing the opportunity to upgrade, at very attractive conditions, any and all prior art Firewall products to the top pinnacle of our achievement, the new C-MARCEntropic Process Firewall 640x! This device features all of the most mature technologies LessLoss has ever created.

LessLoss Firewall 640x C-MARC

Amongst these meaningful technologies are:

--> The Entropic Process: our in-house proprietary conditioning technology which brings the most liquid, dynamic sound to the table, with much shorter burn-in times.

--> Latest technology, award-winning Firewall 640x modules: created utilizing Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS) additive manufacturing techniques via a high-power ytterbium fiber laser in a controlled clean room environment. Achieves far better sound than most any large format power conditioner based on caps and coils.

--> Latest technology, award-winning C-MARCEntropic Process power cord for the short flexible umbilical which bridges the Firewall to your gear.

--> Most advanced, specially modified, Entropic Process power plug made of pure gold plated copper with extremely high contact pressure. Gives the most rock-solid, stable sound with no compression or crunching of dynamic impulses, no matter how complex. No coloration due to its crystal clear polycarbonate housing.

All this is made available for the very same price as the prior art C-MARCFirewall 64x, now upgradeable, but that's not all. You'll also enjoy our quantity discount pricing on top of the credit discounts made available through trade-ins of any and all prior art models.

Reasons it took so long

We've been busy battling it out with the current pandemic, what with increased parts supply chain lead times, the pesky intermittent transportation restrictions, various minor illnesses (not Covid-related), and a few self-isolation requirements due to contact with Covid-suspected persons.

But by far the most serious impediment to our having announced this earlier is simply because of the manufacturing time required in order to fulfill all the scrupulous conditions of our special Entropic Process. This is a very time-consuming technology. I've said it before but I'll say it again: for any given product, the manufacturing time more than doubles from start to finish when we carry out the Entropic Process. The upside is that your burn-in ordeals will exponentially decrease (yay!!), bringing a much quicker ultimate performance result to your listening experience. Even with no burn-in, this technology vastly improves sonics.

In fact, these new results are not merely on par with effects one could hope to achieve using one of the many available so-called "burn-in machines." Not in the least. These results immediately dwarf anything that any amount of burn-in time can even hope to achieve, and it only gets better from there.

Upgrade schedule

So that you could more easily identify the Firewall generation that you currently own, we provide you here with an overview so you could compare with what you have. This way, you can know its trade-in value when considering an upgrade to either the regular-lead Firewall 640x (654 USD), or to the C-MARCEntropic Process Firewall 640x (1272 USD). 

(1) Black housing Firewall module for self-installation using a screwdriver or already outfitted with standard C13/C14 leads:

LessLoss Firewall 640x C-MARC

(2) White PCB-based Firewall module for self-installation using a screwdriver:

LessLoss Firewall 640x C-MARC

(3) Firewall "1x" with standard flexible lead and oakwood housing (has no "1x" marking on it because that nomenclature was not yet established at the time):

LessLoss Firewall 640x C-MARC

(4) Firewall "1x" with Oyaide C-079 plug and oakwood housing (again, has no "1x marking on it for said reason):

LessLoss Firewall 640x C-MARC

(5) Firewall 5x with oakwood housing (has a clear "5x" etched onto it):

LessLoss Firewall 640x C-MARC

(6) Firewall 64x with wooden housing and standard flexible lead (clearly marked as such):

LessLoss Firewall 640x C-MARC

(7) Firewall 64x with oakwood housing and C-MARC™ flexible lead (marked "64x" and has the braided lead):

LessLoss Firewall 640x C-MARC

(8) And, finally, if you would like to upgrade your Firewall 640x with standard flexible lead to the state-of-the-art C-MARCEntropic Process Firewall 640x, this option is also now available (note the added zero after the "64"):

LessLoss Firewall 640x C-MARC

Soon to release this opportunity!

So, please consider your options and in the next few days you'll be invited to participate in this attractive upgrade opportunity! Thanks for continuing to follow and support our art. With the C-MARCEntropic Process Firewall 640x, a very high bar has been reached and it will be such a pleasure to serve you with it.

You can read about how and why it won the 6moons Blue Moon award here.

...and because the technologies are in both cases the same, here as well.

We look forward to this opportunity to serve you,


Louis Motek |