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Tunnelbridge New Web Presentation

Dear audiophiles,

The Tunnelbridge distortionless interconnect project now has a new home! We've prepared a beautiful web page which provides many details about this new product.

There are detailed photographs, detailed graphics, and detailed explanations, all of which, hopefully, answer your every question.

We have prepared several graphics and explanations to simply, yet accurately, describe the many design issues that go into creating a high performance interconnect.

We also explain how we took all of this available information and compiled it into our own solution, and made sure that this was a solution to real design problems, not merely another cable with its own sonic signature.

Come and look over our shoulder as we take you step by step into the thought process which resulted after so much creative work in the LessLoss Tunnelbridge distortionless interconnect solution!


Have a nice day,
Louis Motek
LessLoss Audio