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Ultimate performance power cord from LessLoss Audio: C-MARC Stellar power cable with Early Bird promotion!

Dear esteemed clients,

Thank you to everybody who has actively taken this opportunity to sign up for our most friendly upgrade proposal ever. The orders are still coming in in accelerated fashion from all corners of the world.

In some days it will begin to be clearer as per approximate lead times. We will try to send out the earliest best estimates right when we can.

Production behind the scenes

It is interesting to break down the production of the C-MARCStellar cable, so you'd get an idea of just how complex it is:

Here is the rough calculation.

  • C-MARC Stellar is made up of three lines, hand braided together.
  • One meter of one line of C-MARC™ Stellar contains 748 meters of the tiny 0.125mm Diameter lacquered copper wire.
  • So our first production run of 300 meters of a single line contained 224,400 meters.
  • And this was just a single polarity, because the Entropic Process is directional from the outset of production at each stage of production.
  • One finished standard length Stellar cable has 5.61km of wire in it! Artful implementation! Almost perfectly superposed right and left hand twists throughout!

Calculated this way:

1. 12 x 1 = 12 meters
2. 16 (single) x 12 x 1,3 (elongation due to spirals) = 249 meters
3. 32 (double) x 12 x 1,3 = 499 meters

One standard length C-MARCStellar of 2m requires 7.5m of the single polarity C-MARC cable described above.

So that production run would yield us 300 / 7.5 = 40 finished cables at best. So we continue to produce, non-stop, as the orders keep coming in. Only made possible through your support! Thank you!

Early Bird ending soon!

It will end in 1 day from now on September 07. You will still of course be able to upgrade, and those deals are very friendly as well. It is only the Early Bird promotional discount which will end at that time.

Act now if you want to enjoy the one-in-a-lifetime discounts.

LessLoss C-MARC Stellar Power Cable

New product announcement!

With great pleasure we bring to you a fantastic offer for what must truly be considered today the world's greatest power cord:

C-MARC™ Stellar - power cable!

LessLoss C-MARC Stellar Power Cable

The world's top performance power cord -- available to pre-order at discount NOW during our Early Bird promotion!

This time LessLoss has clearly outdone itself! This is no simple task, given our well established track record of prestigious awards, positive reviews (641 and counting!), and our over 6500 satisfied customers in 65 countries.

All our enthusiastic customers are now invited to upgrade to this super high performance, leaving even the last traces of power line born noise far behind.

Major advances over and beyond our world-famous C-MARC™ Classic Entropic Process power cord

- Enlarged overall conductive cross section from 14.137mm^2 to a whopping 21.206mm^2!

This is the how the outermost dual fractal braid of copper enamelled Litz wire looks in the C-MARCClassic and Classic Entropic Process power cable:

LessLoss C-MARC Stellar Power Cable

And this is the same stripped down detailed view of the new ultra high performance C-MARCStellar power cable:

LessLoss C-MARC Stellar Power Cable

Benefits include:

- Pristine control of deep bass and mid bass (you'll think somebody upgraded your low end drivers or amps!)
- Rock-solid, stable imaging you never thought possible
- Peace of mind and ear during the most complex musical passages
- Super clear insight and transparency, delineation extremely intricate and fine
- Things like cymbals and brushwork take on vast amounts of musical expression and clarity
- Drop-dead silent background which seems to raise signal from what was previously a sheen of grey zone background hash (that you never realised was there)
- Luxuriously lush strings, choirs, and ensemble musicianship which forces you to appreciate musical effort and balance the musicians always strive for
- Organic, natural mix qualities, regardless of genre (you relax further into the mesmerising force of the musical whole instead of constantly being tugged and pulled in your attention by seemingly unnatural 'spiky' overtones
- you hear more and more of what musically and spiritually informs the listening sensation
- 12-hour listening sessions bring absolutely no listening fatigue nor any sense of tired ears or mind
- easily you can bring volume levels up a few notches, never suspecting running your amps or speakers at their limits
- while at the same time quiet listening brings out plenty of newfound detail and musicality, never missing a beat or musical notion involved

TWO ENTIRE ITERATIONS of the Entropic Process!

LessLoss C-MARC Stellar Power Cable

All C-MARCStellar power cables come with a special advanced version of the Entropic Process by default! There is no Stellar non-Entropic product!

- Entropic Process advanced to double its effectiveness, taking the time to carry out the entire time consuming process from once to twice, back to back, raising production time from 30 hours per power cord to 54 hours!
- You will still experience local burn-in effects
- These may be accompanied by initial hardness or darkness of sound, swinging back and forth
- But you will be doubly rewarded for enduring such initial performance swings!
- You'll hear and sense the potential of performance within the first half hour as a glorious sneak peek of what's to come!
- Give it a week and you'll be launched into a sonic journey of stellar greatness!
- Never before will you have such a deep respect for the talent of musicians you admire so dearly!
- Soul comes from the heart, we feel instinctively as the music speaks to us. Intellect comes from clarity and analysis of what we hear. Enjoy both in spades!
- You'll largely forget any notion of artefacts or foreign information meddling its way into your musical experience.

Get C-MARC™ Stellar now, and never look back!

It's the easiest way for you to shower off the grime of information pollution. As a result you will feel completely at ease, completed submersed in the pristine audio masterpieces you hold so dearly. Glued to your seat for a fantastic ear massage each time! You'll also gladly pull out many of those recordings you have been neglecting due to previously intolerable coloration or harshness. No more! Discover more than you ever thought possible with C-MARCStellar!


C-MARCStellar, due to its enlarged copper content, is slightly less flexible than the Classic version. The images below show you these differences:

LessLoss C-MARC Stellar Power Cable

The cable is still remarkably pliable given its massive cross section. You can bend it as needed given the braided structure.

And here is a side-by-side image of all three sizes of C-MARC™ power cables:

LessLoss C-MARC Stellar Power Cable

C-MARCStellar is somewhat heftier but is still perfectly practical and easy and safe to use! Route it once, set it and forget it.

Your major upgrade in sonic performance is just an email away.

Customer satisfaction is highest on our agenda! The sound in store for you with the new C-MARCStellar can only be described as we describe our esteemed clientele:

...simply *** S T E L L A R ! ***

CLICK HERE for many new images and our newly expanded C-MARC™ Power Cables page!

LessLoss C-MARC Stellar Power Cable

We look forward to serving you soon!

inquire on: [email protected]


Louis Motek |